Grant is in a profession that requires total understanding of his topic, and how a long-dead species ‘works’ – and he’s delighted to encounter Jurassic Park at first, because it allows him an opportunity to test his theories about dinosaurs, how they think, move and hunt in packs, etc. When his worldview is challenged, he quips that they’re “out of business,” and will have to learn how to “adapt.” Grant quietly, rationally handles any situation that arises, reaching logical conclusions, and acting on them rather than explaining his thought process. Grant is unafraid of his environment or in interacting with it; he risks his life to distract the T-Rex with a flair, then manages to save the kids from the same T-Rex, multiple times; he’s not always aware of physical danger, and takes risks with ease – both to help others and out of personal curiosity (he rather wants to stay to watch a T-Rex hunt and eat). Grant is a fountain of observable information, an “expert” in his field, who operates on a lot of his “hunches” about how Raptors work together – and who often senses there is “more going on.” He immediately picks up on Malcolm’s interest in Ellie, he has a confident sense of what he wants from his future, and a strong sense of awareness of where the park may be headed, in terms of both putting him out of business and danger-wise. He figures out things quite easily at times (“they’re breeding… the frog DNA!”). The film showcases his inferior Fe heavily, as circumstances force him to bond with the kids, and tries to find ways to soothe their fears and even entertain them (through teasing) when he has no choice but to undertake their safety.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Grant has become an expert on dinosaurs, preferring to study out of books and not deal with the public to a large degree; he’s somewhat withdrawn and doesn’t know how to socialize well with people, but also feels a need to connect to others through shared expertise. Grant becomes more risk-taking under stress as he moves to 7 (becoming playful, distracting the kids with humor, and risking his life to save them). He can be 8-ish confident and assertive when he feels safe in his knowledge base. His 6 wing wants to connect to others and is anxious about the unknown; he fluctuates between clinging to the old (preferring hands on digs to new technology, and refusing to learn computers) and being curious about the new. After discovering dinosaurs, he goes on to continue teaching and studying them – away from the island.