When asked what Scout Master Ward does, he identifies himself by his profession at first, as an 8th grade math teacher, but then he revises that to say that being a Scout Master is his actual job, and math is his hobby. He likes to see and frames himself in terms of what others need and want and expect from him, and as a leader of young boys. He wants them to grow up to be responsible, mature adults, but finds they are quite a handful. He’s horrified to find out Sam is an orphan, since that was “not in his file!” and he would have adjusted his behavior toward him had he known. He feels Sam is a troublemaker, but also worries about him being gone and does everything in his power to get him home safe. Scout Master Ward is very fussy about details, is quite happy to run his camp a certain way, and doesn’t mind repetition—and there’s a lot of it at camp, as he deals with all the same kids, the same camp sites, the same exercises, etc. He finds fulfillment in routine, and becomes anxious and worried when Sam goes missing, knowing he will be held responsible and also concerned for his well-being. He is somewhat cautious of the unknown, and insists they follow the hand-book (pointing out that their tree fort is much too high; someone could fall from there and ‘die’). Scout Master Ward can think logically, in problem-solving, but doesn’t question his own motivations much.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Scout Master Ward is a stickler for the rules; he doesn’t much mind what his kids get up to, provided they are safe while doing it, abide by the guidebook, and don’t hurt each other. He emphasizes repeatedly that their mission is to “find” Sam, not hurt Sam (they don’t listen to him). He is, however, willing to bend the rules when it comes to helping Sam avoid going to an orphanage, which he believes is a terrible place to be. He even insists on having his scarf pressed / ironed before he wears it, since he wants everything in the right place, and total order. Even though Sam ran off, Scout Master Ward says he wishes he could have evaluated their camp on the beach more carefully before they left, since he feels sure he would have awarded him a merit badge for it. Though he likes things done just so, he also feels fond of the kids, wants to help them achieve their best selves, and doesn’t mind bending some of the rules on occasion to accommodate their needs.