Sam is curious about everything and views it all from a detached standpoint—when one of the scouts accidentally shoots their mascot dog, Sam says he didn’t deserve to die like this, but isn’t sure if he was a “good” dog or not (he doesn’t think in those terms). He often does his own thing, even if it makes others upset with him, and says whatever he thinks, which causes him to accidentally hurt Suzie’s feelings when he laughs at the idea of her being a “problem child.” He also figures out that she has been stealing library books, because of how many she has brought with her and the limits of the local library. He is somewhat naïve and idealistic, assuming that he is getting along much better now with his foster family (the opposite is true, they seem him as a weird kid with “problems”). He’s emotionally unaffected—Suzy waxes poetic about how it must be superior to be an orphan, and he flatly says, “I love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.” He is curious about why other people don’t like him, rather than taking it super personally. Sam is full of all kinds of knowledge about camping, and how to survive in the wilderness, but isn’t always fully competent in using it (he tries to impress Suzy by telling her that if they throw pine needles in the air, they can tell which way the wind is blowing… when that fails, he says it probably wasn’t important anyway). He is somewhat methodical in how he does things—wanting to take an inventory of what she brought, looking for useful ways to survive (like fishing) and telling her all kinds of things he learned from being in the Scouts (turtles will snap onto your finger if you are not careful!). Even though boys aren’t supposed to wear female merit badges, he wears his mom’s pin as a way to connect to her. His repressed emotional stance means he doesn’t bond well with others, know how to talk to them easily, etc., but also feels distressed when the person he cares about is upset with him.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/sp

Sam likes to do his own thing, and that doesn’t usually involve other people. He is calm, considerate when he’s with Suzy, and mild-mannered, not taking things personally unless you get him really mad. He mostly assumes that everything is going to be all right and will work out in the end. When the Scouts come to rescue him, he asks why bother, it’s worthless unless Suzy comes too—in a sense, he’s giving up on himself and abdicating his personality into hers. Whenever they are together, he goes along with whatever she wants and doesn’t assert himself, merging into her. He doesn’t like her to be upset, so he apologizes for making her cry. Sam is surprised to learn that his foster family doesn’t want him anymore, since he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong, and was under the hopeful assumption that they were all getting along fine. He tries to do things ‘properly’ and has earned a lot of Merit Badges in the Scouts, because of his methodical methods.

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