Suzy is a girl of strong opinions, who doesn’t bother to share her thoughts or feelings with anyone else. She is easily insulted, and when Ben laughs at the idea of her being a problem child, she tells him off for being mean and then goes away to cry alone in their tent. She also tells her mother that she loves Ben and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, and points out that she is a hypocrite for seeing Captain Sharp behind her husband’s back. If she feels something, she ought to act on it, whether that involves running away with Ben, getting married, asking him to touch her chest and French kiss her, or punching a girl in the face at school. She steals books from the library, because it makes her feel more alive, says she doesn’t want to get stuck in one place or only doing one thing (she wants a life of “adventure”) and spends most of her time staring through her binoculars, in an attempt to get closer to things, even if they are right in front of her. She makes assumptions about things based on their body language; she says the deer knows she is being watched, but she can’t prove it, it’s just a feeling. Suzy brings along mostly conveniences when she runs away—she can’t go anywhere without her music, and she gets him to dance with her on the beach. She eagerly leaps into the water on the count of three, speeding up the count to get there faster. She has written to him for a year, but when they spend a few days together, she is quick to become physical with him and likes those sensations. Suzy can be somewhat blunt and rude, especially when others try to tell her what to do, but isn’t all that rational in her thinking (where will they go, and what will they do?).

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Suzy spends most of her time zoned out in books, reading about adventures to avoid the real world. She is calm about half of the time, and willing to go along with whatever Sam wants to do (shrug, “okay”). Suzy has some weird ideas about what would be pleasant—she thinks being an orphan would make her more “special.” Suzy tends toward pushing people away to stay in her own quiet space, where she reads and ignores what other people are doing. She also feels some internal anguish at the idea that her parents think of her as the “problem child,” proving that whether she will admit it or not, she cares what they think and about their approval. But her main problem is her uncontrollable rage. She will attack other students, has gotten into trouble for fighting, and becomes violent when she feels threatened – stabbing someone who tries to hurt them with a pair of scissors. She has a long list of grievances against her from the school, enough that she has been labeled a “problem child.” She also reacts from, and trusts, her gut instincts—she knows Ben is her kind of person right away, and gives him her address so they can write to each other, the runs off with him and decides to get married on what the scout master sees as a “whim… you are not taking this seriously enough!”

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