Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Robin is a very rational man who uses whatever opportunities arise for his own benefit; when he hears the king has been killed, he knows that if they ride hard, and assume the identities of dead knights they find along the road, they can reach England safely ahead of the hordes of people who will be escaping France. It doesn’t bother him to use fraud in this way, to ensure the survival of himself and his friends, all of whom he leaves behind when he travels to Loxsley Manor. He agrees with the elder Loxley that it’s rational for Marion to have a protector, a false husband who can help take care of their tenants and prevent her from losing the estate, so he has no trouble adopting that persona and wearing it in public. Robin is willing to take risks and act quickly, thinking on his feet both in their escape from France and in winding up at the king’s court, playing out the pretense of being Sir Robin Loxsley, and later, mobilizing the locals in battle and standing up to Prince John. He wastes no time after stealing the grain from the church in planting it ahead of the rain, both so the crops will grow and so no one can find and take back their stolen stores. Part of him wants to learn about the foundations of his life, so that he can bring meaning into it; once he recognizes his father’s presence in his life, and what happened to him, Robin develops more of an idea of what he is also meant to do (low Ni). He is amiable, good-natured, and friendly, but rarely emotionally involved. He is polite and concerned for the greater good, without allowing it to cloud his judgment when it comes to his own survival.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Robin is an amiable and good-natured man, who often goes along with whatever is happening around him – a war he has no great interest in participating in, for example, and then in becoming sucked into Lady Marion’s woes. He agrees to pretend to be her dead husband, so she can keep her estate, at the request of her father-in-law, who sees his potential – he has no real plans for his life other than survival, so why not?  When Marion draws harsh boundaries with him, he pleasantly abides by them all (of course he won’t touch her, he doesn’t expect to sleep anywhere but on the floor, etc) but also somewhat passive-aggressively messes with her – in the extended cut, when she falls into the mud trying to rescue a sheep, Robin wades past her to rescue the sheep first. His 8 wing kicks in whenever he sees anyone being abused – he sees nothing wrong with stealing from the church to plant the harvest for the locals, and uses threats to do it. He is honest with the king when he says that he feels Richard has made some terrible mistakes, even though it earns him (and his friends) a night in the stocks. He becomes more cautious under stress, becoming a bit worried, but it never stops him from taking immediate action.

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