Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Georg is a ship captain because he’s good at organizing others, asserting a chain of command, and ensuring that his insubordinates follow his orders. Sadly, until Maria turns up on the scene, he expects his household to be run like his ship: thriving on rules, whistle calls, and emotionless leadership. He is decisive in his actions and a planner, able to take immediate action to remove his family from harm’s way and get them out of Austria before he is forced to captain a Nazi vessel. He finds a sense of honor and pride in serving his country as a captain, and is fiercely resistant toward the new Nazi regime and sympathies taking over Austria. Georg doesn’t like the change Maria brings to the house until it kindles memories of his appreciation for music, and the happiness of the time before his wife died. He is detailed and comfortable in a routine, and pays attention to what is happening around him so that he can contrast the changes with what is familiar and known, in his tendency toward traditional values and belief systems. His sense of humor hides underneath the surface, but he is more than aware of what is actually going on around him, both with his children’s antics with Maria (the pine cone!) and the greater threat unfurling in Germany. Her flamboyant creativity appeals to him, though he won’t admit it. Georg isn’t above revising his plan and considering new possibilities when confronted with problems, although he always brings it back to making a swift, life-altering (and in one case, life-saving) decision. Largely non-emotional but passionately devoted to his country, Georg has a strong tendency to believe that others should share his patriotism. He is very firm in his decisions and doesn’t like to be challenged, questioned, or manipulated. He nearly dismisses Maria for disobeying his orders and snaps at Max when Max theorizes that what happens to other people should have no influence on them, nor force them to consider their political position. He is adamantly against pretending to be anything he is not, which leads to his eventual abandonment of his home and former life out of a total refusal to surrender to the Nazis.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Georg has both the positive and negative sides of a 1 – total efficiency, precision, and high standards of perfection for his children make him an emotionally distant and harsh father, unable to connect to or understand each child’s needs. He rigidly orders his household, running it like a ship until Maria (a 7) awakens his 7 integration and brings him a sense of humor and playfulness. The up side of his 1 is that he has no fear in standing on his convictions, flouting those who seek to control him, and refuses to participate in the Nazi regime sweeping through Austria. His 9 wing makes him dislike upheaval and brings more draconian methods, but also causes him to want to appeal to his children and more sensitive to their needs, once aware of them.