Maria has a rambunctious personality that delights in life. She is a dreamer and a romantic who can’t help singing atop mountains and coming up with clever ideas to “get around” the Captain’s rules. She sees possibilities wherever she looks and although she is intimidated by them, she plucks up her courage and dives right in. Maria instinctively senses the truth about the children in a very short time (which ones need what kind of attention) and very creatively, sews them all clothes out of some “old drapes.” She sets out to introduce them to many kinds of experiences, but also is eager to excite their imagination and stimulate their minds. Maria quickly comes up with new games, metaphors, and methods of teaching them to sing. She feels things intensely but isn’t always confident in sharing how she feels. Maria has an independent streak that causes her to defy the nuns even though she knows she shouldn’t, and allows her to be witty and charming, but also guarded. If she believes something is right, she brazenly stands up for it – refusing to submit to a whistle, insisting the children learn to play and wear ordinary clothes, etc. Maria values individuality so much that she refuses to ask her husband to compromise just to keep Max happy (“I can’t ask him to be less than what he is”). Her confession to Mother Superior includes the inability to not say whatever she is thinking. Maria is organized enough to keep the children in line, but finds it hard to be on time for mass. She can take a firm hand with the children and lay down a few rules, but doesn’t particularly enjoy doing it. Maria is very firm in her convictions and can lay out her arguments with authority. She doesn’t hesitate to challenge the Captain when she believes he is out of line, and tends to act on her feelings and impulses without discussing them. Though she isn’t particularly interested in details, at times they alarm her (“Seven children?!”). More importantly, her desire to be a nun stems from a romantic ideal in her childhood, when she formed an emotional and spiritual attachment to the abbey. When threatened by a new possibility that scares her, Maria runs back to the comforts of familiar surroundings where she knows what’s expected of her (inferior Si).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Maria doesn’t just enter the house idealistic and naïve, she tries to change the children and their lives to fit her more romantic vision of how things should be! She is often accused at the abbey of being a dreamer, missing sermons because she is singing on the hillside, and exploring, losing track of time in the process. She does want to be part of something larger than herself, and her 6 wing wants her to please and live up to the expectations of her Mother Superior, but she cannot get away from her desire for freedom. When she gets angry, she razes Captain von Trapp with all the force of a 1 disintegration – lecturing him on his behavior and not loving his children enough!