Jess does whatever he feels like doing, and much of the time, forgets to include other people in his decision-making, which sends ISFJ Rory a bunch of mixed messages. She will assume he doesn’t want to see her, when in reality he just forgot to tell her he had to work late. He chases after her, despite knowing she and Dean are an item, and doesn’t want to stop even when it causes friction with Dean. After his dad comes to visit Stars Hollow to find him, and he has failed to graduate, Jess just… up and leaves without telling anyone where he is going, leaving Rory not knowing where he went or if they are broken up or not. She says he never wants to talk, he just disappears to deal with his own feelings. He has a lot of contempt for people who conform. Though he loves books, Jess lives purely in the moment, with no thought for the future. Bored with school, he decides to skip it altogether, assuming he will face no consequences, in favor of working longer hours at his job and getting paid—resulting in him not being allowed to graduate, and his principle telling him he will have to take an entire grade over. Rather than deal with that, Jess jumps on a bus without a plan and travels to California to spend time with his dad. He engages in fistfights with Dean whenever they butt heads over Rory, and drives Rory’s car so fast, he wraps it around a pole. He is more physical than Rory, and doesn’t understand her hesitation to move beyond kissing into “more,” nor does he think about where they are when they start making out.

Enneagram: 4w5 sx/sp

Jess has way more things that ‘aren’t me’ than that ‘are me.’ He hates almost everything and uses it as part of his identity to push people away—he doesn’t like the town, its pedantic people, its stupid customs, and overall goofiness. He is angry about being there, and wishes he were anywhere else, until he finds Rory. She makes it bearable, but he still displays an attitude of condescension towards and separation from just about everyone he meets. He also gets wrapped up in his own feelings at times, and forgets that he and Rory are an ‘item.’ Jess will run off to deal with his own feelings and not tell her where she went, or think about how hurtful it is just to give her the cold shoulder. Jess, much later in the series, however, has matured more than Rory, in his insightful remarks about her character having disintegrated due to her inflated ego. He is fanatical about his privacy and angry when Luke invades it. Jess would far rather avoid the world through excessive reading and refusing to participate than adaptation, and he truly does not care what anyone else thinks.