Sara is a skilled fighter even as a child, who shows great talent among those being trained in Freya’s army for hand-to-hand combat. Even though love is forbidden among the queen’s “children,” Freya falls in love with Eric, initiates a sexual relationship with him in secret, marries him after they make love, and then wants to immediately run away with him – she says if they escape or get caught, either way they are free. When Freya builds an ice wall between them, and shows her a vision of Eric leaving her, Sara believes it—because she sees it with “my own eyes.” She gives up on him altogether, and is angry when she meets him again rather than relieved, since she has never questioned this. She repeatedly warns him against getting too friendly, because her feelings have changed… but they haven’t. Sara still winds up back in his arms, willing to die for him, even though it appears that she has betrayed him when she turns him and the mirror over to Freya. Sara can be quite blunt and forceful in laying down the rules and expecting him to abide by them. She later fights for her friends and lover, against Freya and Ravenna, when it becomes apparent that if they want to protect the kingdom from destruction, they must choose a side. Sara’s low Ni shows in how she never questioned what she saw, even if it went against Eric’s promises to be faithful to her and protect her at all costs; she should have known he would never run away.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Sara is all about asserting boundaries and being in charge; she initiates their relationship, she marries him by giving him a medallion that belonged to her mother, she insists that they run away together (because she does not want to live in bondage, but to be free) and she tells him that she wants nothing to do with him. When they meet up with one another again, she is immediately angry and vindictive, to cover up her feelings of betrayal and pain. She doesn’t want to admit that she has missed him, or that seeing him run away ripped her heart out of her chest. To admit to those feelings is to become vulnerable, a problem her husband doesn’t share, since he immediately becomes emotional with her. It takes her a long time to rip down those walls, and even then, she has not yet fully chosen to be on his side. It’s only when she sees innocent people dying that she feels compelled to act strongly. Sara doesn’t want to be tied down or restrained; she needs to be free, and is willing to risk her life for that end.

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