Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Eric serves as the royal Huntsman for Snow White, in protecting the forest against poachers after she comes to the throne, but prior to that, was hired as a mercenary to fetch her to Ravenna the queen, on the belief that Ravenna could resurrect his dead wife and restore her to him. He did not see the immorality of this, until faced with Snow’s growing desperation, fear, and her conviction that the Queen intends to take her heart. Eric had been trained as a ruthless assassin, but fell in love, and his compassion and memories of his wife provide him with the belief that to kill Snow White would be a crime, so he becomes her protector instead – but only after she promises to pay him his weight in gold. His idea of a “plan” is to rely on improvisation in the moment; he admits his decision to break into the castle and kill the queen maybe wasn’t his best idea only after he has been forced to climb over a roof, and almost falls to his death. Once he realizes he and Sara saw different things on either side of the ice wall, Eric figures out what happened, that Freya showed them separate images to break their spirit and keep them apart. He initially doesn’t think running away with her is a good idea, since he suspects escaping Freya will be harder than Sara thinks. It’s because of his logical precision that other characters survive goblins, swamps, and other creatures. He’s aware of, in tune with, and able to use his environment. Eric improvises a lot, using the surrounding terrain to gain advantages in fights (taking down trolls, facing goblins, stealing magical mirrors and shattering them, climbing over ice walls, and forging the perils of the enchanted forest). He’s a skilled Huntsman who doesn’t miss; he’s fearless in the face of danger, and doesn’t hesitate to engage his environment. Eric is an excellent fighter, but sometimes gets in over his head – he relies on Sara to save him from the goblins, and she also knocks him senseless outside the tavern. Eric waffles between trusting his insights about Snow White, and being naïve; he doesn’t know Ravenna’s magic can’t bring back the dead until her brother uses it to taunt him with in the deep woods. When hearing what Sara has to say about what she saw ‘with my own eyes,’ compared with what he saw, he immediately realizes that Freya deceived them both. He argues that Sara does love him, and is faithful to him, and will never hurt or betray him, in the face of overwhelming negative evidence to the contrary. Eric trusts his gut in making decisions, and in forming conclusions about other people. While not that emotional, he is capable of being warm and charming and funny. Eric goes out of his way to comfort a fearful child, and teach her how to put on her “fight face.” He flirts with Sara openly, intending to win her over with his charm (and succeeds to some extent). He likes to joke around, tease people, and generally keep a peaceful interaction among his friends. He also isn’t afraid to admit his feelings for Sara.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Eric walks a fine line between withdrawn and assertive energy, but more often than not is good-natured and unbothered by life. Since his wife’s death, he has spent all of his time drinking in a tavern, and wasting his time, without building toward anything or accomplishing anything; after Snow White comes to power, he moves into the forest where he asserts that he just wants to be left alone. He will often do what he doesn’t want to do, out of a sense of obligation or duty, and when he reunites with his wife, he doesn’t push her to accept him, just grins and goes along with her until they have time to reconcile. He is easily emotionally swayed by Snow White into protecting her, but once he does so, he intends to do it with force. Eric calmly and rationally handles bad situations, trusting his instincts and reacting from a place of assertive confidence. He takes a man’s horse because he has been poaching fauns in the forest, against the queen’s orders, he fights the men in the tavern (when provoked, and he has no choice), and he is both energetic and driven to find the mirror and destroy it. After he discovers the truth about Ravenna, he knows she must die—and sets out to make it happen.

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