Ravenna conquers kingdoms by seducing their kings, then murdering them on their wedding night (she will poison them to render them incapacitated, then stab them and watch them bleed out). She is forced to send out her brother to capture Snow White, because “my magic does not work” in the forest, but once Snow is out of it, she goes to her personally in disguise to feed her a poisoned apple. Ravenna acts in the moment, without much thought about the aftermath—she wanted her sister to grow into her magical powers, so when she discovered that she had given birth to a daughter who would grow up “fairer than she” (this would kill her magic), Ravenna immediately lures her out of the castle with a faked letter, then casts a spell on her lover so that he murders the child. It awakens her sister’s magic, as she hoped. She physically attacks people who try to thwart her, using magic and/or her own hands. She has women captured and brought to the castle, so she can steal their beauty to sustain her own, and is obsessed with her own physical comforts. Ravenna is cold and ruthless, seeing people as objects she can use to her own advantage, but is primarily invested in her own survival—her magic destroys all the life in every kingdom she conquers, forcing her to move on and find another man to defeat, but she does nothing to improve the situation within her kingdom (no trade, no crops, no survival for the peasants who must pay taxes to her). She finds her sister to be too emotional, and “weak” in her decisions, and credits herself for having made her into a powerful woman (“look at what I made you!”). Ravenna also demands blind loyalty from her subjects and her siblings, believing that they should just accept and follow her, and do whatever she tells them without questioning it. She needs almost constant affirmation from her magical mirror, which also instructs her on what to do and points out her enemies for her. Ravenna is charming and able to disarm people, at first compassionately telling Snow that she isn’t here to replace her mother, because no one can ever do that; and then leaving her alive, in case she is needed later. But she also loses her temper, is angered by slights, and takes any criticism of her looks personally. Ravenna tries to turn people against one another, by planting seeds of doubt in their mind. She also often shares her own feelings to her siblings (making references to her rape, and seeking their comfort). She shows almost no intuition; instead, she paints all men by the same generalizing brush (they are all evil, will all betray you/women/our kind, and all deserve to die). Any insights or futuristic notions come from her magic mirror; she merely acts on them.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/sx

Ravenna is obsessed with her appearance, on remaining young and beautiful forever; she steals the life essence and beauty from young women to sustain her own timelessness, and has been doing this for possibly centuries (she is much older than she looks). When given a choice between healing her brother from a mortal wound and retaining her beauty, she tearfully asks his forgiveness. She is highly emotional and motivated by her desire for revenge against all men, whom she sees as her enemy, and she uses unscrupulous methods to do it – seducing and then killing them, causing kingdom after kingdom to fall. She can put aside her own feelings to do what is necessary to further her agenda and remain all-powerful (and more importantly, all-beautiful), even sacrificing her sister’s daughter for her cause. But her 4 wing is very prevalent. Rather than move on from her past, Ravenna clings to it, and makes it part of her brokenness. She feels like men ruined her, and she will never forgive them for it. Instead of seeking happiness, she ruminates in the wrongs done to her, and dwells in her own painful memories. She is somewhat hateful and resentful, unwilling to believe that anyone else could ever achieve happiness, since she can’t see them as separate from her own miserable experiences.