Unlike her sister’s more cautious approach, Jenny usually faces things head-on, with confidence that she can adapt to whatever happens; she got into all sorts of trouble growing up, because of her tendency to break into places, steal things, and act out. She gained a reputation as a thief and trades in exotic and dangerous objects, and has an assortment of useful practical skills to go along with them (as she points out to her sister, maybe you taught me how to break in, but I still am better at breaking out!). While stuck in a mental institution, she prepares herself physically for the day when she will get out, and as soon as she hears from her sister and Ichabod that the demon Moloch is on the move, she breaks out of her cell through the air vent, picks up her “stuff” from her contact at the bar, and arms herself to the teeth in preparation for the battle she knows is going down. Jenny tends to handle things with violence or by asserting herself—promising to return the lantern they are stealing once she has used it, but in the meantime holding them all at gunpoint to make her point. Jenny trained as a thief, and has various connections with trustworthy (and not-so-trustworthy) people who provide her with whatever she needs, for a price. She finds it interesting to attempt to solve problems and puzzle out what the prophecies mean, but also is deliberate in what she does, and makes things up as she goes along. Jenny tends to play things close to the vest; she found her father years ago, but never told her sister about it, and has written him off as a hopeless case—someone who abandoned us, and obviously doesn’t care about us. She took her sister refusing to talk about the demon they saw in the woods personally, since it landed her in various treatment programs, juvie, and even prison. She intensely cares about the people she brings alongside of her, and it influences how she interacts with them; when she’s suspicious of Irving being demonically influenced, she agrees to turn him to stone (kill him) with the head of the Gorgon, but also hesitates—and gives him a second chance to prove himself. This allows him to live, after Ichabod kills the man who owns his soul. Jenny will do what she has to, but not without thinking of the people involved first. Jenny sometimes has profound insights into people’s motivations, and sometimes gets caught off guard by their true intentions.

Enneagram: cp6w7 sp/so

Jenny is so loyal to the people she cares about, she takes it as a personal affront that Abbie would not tell the truth to protect her. Since that day, she has armed herself in preparation for a war she knows is coming between good and evil. She has honed her body and her mind, and is ready to do anything to prevent the apocalypse. Her fear drives her to act, and she will often leap into the middle of a fight rather than stand on the sidelines. But she also likes to defer to others—she seeks a mentor in Sheriff Corbin and sees it as her job to look after his son, she is loyal to Irving, but also watchful of him, knowing his soul is not his own. When he acts suspiciously, she assumes and prepares for the worst while hoping for the best. At one point, while looking to meet a cute bartender, she calls up her sister and demands to know where her “wingman” is (since she doesn’t want to do this on her own). Jenny’s 7 wing also doesn’t like to face the pains of her past. She stays busy to avoid thinking back on hurtful things, she doesn’t want to talk about their mother that much (or her suicide), and she especially doesn’t want to watch the video of her own demonic possession, since she might be haunted by the things she said and did. She tends to run away as a coping mechanism, but also wants to stay connected to her family and friends—when Abbie moves on into the FBI, Jenny laments that they haven’t spent much time together, and they no longer feel like a team.