Paloma has minimal screen time, maybe ten minutes tops, but in that time, she manages to tackle enemy combatants, kick people in the face, disarm them, and shoot them, before she notices their prey standing on top of a scaffolding and, after stealing a car, driving it into the scaffold, causing them to capture the person they are after, and disarm the man who is escorting him – all in the line of duty. And, she says somewhat modestly, she’s only had about three weeks of training, which means she obviously catches onto physical activities quickly, and is adaptable in a high-stakes environment. She notices rapidly what’s going on around her (Bond has been targeted) and goes after it. She engages in a little light banter with him, but also sets a boundary (they aren’t here to make out, but to do their job) immediately. She has questions about what’s going on, and about Bond in general, but gets down to business and gets the job done, concluding at the end of her brief cameo that she had a great time and hopes next time they meet, Bond will stick around longer.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Paloma is an assertive type – she wastes no time in letting Bond know that they aren’t here to mess around, and that there won’t be any hanky-panky happening, but she’s not above some flirting with him, light banter, and good-natured humor. She likes excitement, as evidenced by his concern about whether after crashing her car, she is okay or not – she pops out with a grin on her face and says she’s great! That was fun! Her 6 wing looks to him for direction and guidance, respecting his authority as a superior agent, and lets him make the tough decisions.

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