Bond is a detached man who can problem-solve his way out of any situation by thinking on his feet, who doesn’t allow personal feelings to get in the way of direct action or doing what is necessary; even though he isn’t sure if he can trust Madeleine, he knows they can’t stay together without her being at risk, so he puts her on a train and abruptly says that she won’t know if he is all right; she will never see him again. He went through a period in earlier films of being murderous, and not caring who he had to mow down to reach his objective of finding his enemy and killing him. The films all highlight his incredible capacity to live and act in the moment, from how skillfully he handles high-speed chases, to how he destroys anyone who gets in his way, to how he notices the environment and people behaving weirdly in it, and how he wastes no time in bedding beautiful women on his misadventures. For the most part, he lives firmly in the present, with no thought about tomorrow (and he assumes he won’t live to retire), but as he gets older, he starts to trust his hunches more. He knows his daughter is his, despite her mother’s objections and lies, because “she has my blue eyes.” He “knows” who he has to track down to get to the bottom of things, and guesses ahead of other people that Spectre is behind some of what’s happening. Bond shows very little emotional affectation; he is stoic and unmoved by emotional appeals, but also is flirtatious and able, on occasion, to ‘fake’ things to get ahead.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Bond is calm, confident, assertive, and doesn’t hesitate to act, even in intense situations. Previous film installments explored his deep rage, desire for revenge, and callousness in killing his enemies, all out of a place of abandonment, not wanting to be vulnerable, and not trusting others, by insisting he can do everything himself. He frequently goes up against his bosses and challenges their authority simply by ignoring their orders and doing whatever he wants to do, whenever it appeals to him. He has a hedonistic and self-indulgent side, shown in the many sexual relationships he pursues—he doesn’t want companions, just temporary bedfellows until he meets and falls in love with Madeline, with whom he makes a more permanent lifestyle. In this film, we see his calm resolve, but also his lack of external fear when dealing with intense situations—he calmly sit in his car while it’s being shot to hell, ignoring his wife begging him to save their lives, while he thinks about whether he can trust her or not. He moves to 5 under stress—second-guessing and distrusting the people he most cares about, becoming cold, isolated, and emotionally unreachable. His 9 wing gives him a sleek, cool edge and helps him restrain his temper, but also enables him to not feel much of anything whenever he decides to cut someone out of his life. He is also nostalgic for the past and finds it hard to move on from his dead lover, something Madeleine does not like (this is part of having a ‘withdrawn’ wing, whose time orientation is to the past / regrets).

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