Madeleine is something of an enigma; Bond is curious about her past, her motivations, and her reason for bringing him to the city, but she tells him nothing, instead insisting that she will tell him all about herself only after he shares his secrets with her and ‘lays the past to rest.’ She doesn’t tell him that his daughter is actually his daughter until she believes he’s about to die, insisting that she ‘isn’t his’ when they meet on the island. She tries to walk out of an interview with a criminal, because it goes against her moral conscience to be involved in his death, and in the earlier film, she also hates guns and doesn’t want to use one, even to defend herself. She outlines a boundary with Bond and insists they won’t be sleeping together—but then changes her mind and falls into bed with him. Madeleine as a young girl showed courage and initiative in how she defended herself, by shooting the assassin that murdered her mother, and attempting to drag him out of the house. She is quick-thinking and impulsive later, when she gets her daughter out of the house, and trusts Bond to keep them both safe as they rush in and out of perilous situations, car chases, explosions, etc. She doesn’t believe in hanging onto the past, and resents that Bond seems to still be thinking about his dead lover (she takes him to Greece so he can visit her grave and ‘move past it’). Madeleine pays attention to the sensory environment; she figures out if she drinks the tea given to her, she will be blinded, so she throws it into the eyes of her captor and escapes. Madeleine doesn’t show much Ni or Te, other than being blunt and laying down boundaries (telling Bond if he touches her overnight, she will kill him). She also mostly leaves it up to him to figure out how to get out of bad situations—Madeleine can be reactive, but isn’t very good at thinking up solutions herself.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/sx

Madeleine says Bond does not trust easily, and he replies that neither does she; it’s true, she feels drawn to him and wants his protection, but won’t be emotionally honest with him or tell him any of her deep, dark secrets. She plays things so close to her chest, Bond doesn’t trust her when he thinks she has betrayed him—but she tells him that it would kill her if she thought he believed she would ever betray him (she is loyal to him). She wants to be safe above all, and can be anxious, reactive, and fearful when confronted by threats; while they are being shot at in the car, Bond sits there, like a stone, processing what is happening, while she begs him to “do something” to save their lives. She just wants to be safe, and loved, and to be able to trust, but she finds that hard.

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