Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Anita is a no-nonsense girl who knows who she is and what she wants from life; she is a hard-working career woman with dreams about owning a business and making a true go of it in New York. She defies some expectations in how she reminds Bernardo that they are living in her apartment, which she has paid for with her own money, and she also does not want six kids! But she fulfills others in how supportive she is to Bernardo, of his career and his ambitions, while nurturing her own thoughts about her own future. She has walked away from her old life in Puerto Rico and embraced being an “American,” while acknowledging that racial prejudices still exist. After Bernardo is killed, she falls back into some Si-driven stereotypes about how they need to stick with “our own kind,” and how all gringos are bad. Maria has to remind her that Anita’s experiences are not Maria’s experiences, in order for her to knowledge that Maria has a right to her own life, based on her own choices. Then, Antia can see a different way of being, and how they belong together. Her Fi in this regard is very strong and healthy, since she acknowledges that her own pain and loss and suffering need not impact Maria’s love for Tony. But she also becomes emotional and vindictive after the Jets treat her terribly (which is understandable) and tells a lie that has horrific consequences for everyone involved—it gets Tony killed and breaks Maria’s heart.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Anita is a optimist who focuses on the good, whereas Bernardo and other people in her culture, are pessimists who focus on the bad; she sings all about the prospects of being in America, and argues with them about it being better here despite their pessimistic remarks (concluding that if they go home, they will find everyone has come here!). She is ambitious about her future, and has clear goals—she intends to own her own business and do well, she focuses a great deal on her appearance and on being supportive to Bernardo (without him ever forgetting just whose apartment they are living in, paid for with her own money). She naturally knows how to make Maria feel better about her plain white dress (it isn’t red, like she hoped) by giving her a belt. Later, even though she is mourning Bernardo, her 2 wing feels so needed by Maria, she runs errands for her, including one that gets her assaulted. Angered by their attempted rape of her, she tells them a lie that they believe, because she is so convincing—that Maria has been shot and is dead, for revenge.

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