August is something of a less moral counterpart to Ethan—a ‘hammer’ against the world, a man who wastes no time in immediately acting. He throws himself out of a plane, complaining that Ethan is taking too long; then, while undercover, he engages in a vicious fight with someone in a bathroom, in which rather than trying to subdue him, he bashes the man in the face with his computer. What Ethan doesn’t know is that August is working against him, because he wants to free Solomon Lane so they can work together to unleash global terror; August is skillfully able to manipulate people, convince them he is on the right side, take advantage of new situations, and react fast in his own defense, even though he eventually loses his life on the side of a mountain. August’s thinking is warped, but also unique – he reasons that the only way to bring world peace is by forcing people and nations to work together, to stop a massive terrorist threat. The only way to achieve this is to kill off a third of the world’s population, mobilizing the rest of humanity to come together in their defense, stop the Syndicate, and bring about something new. He uses his tert-Fe mostly to plant suspicions in other people’s minds; to read them and work against them, including his threat to kill Ethan’s loved ones if he does not surrender to his fate. August has a weird sense of what is ‘right’ and how others should serve humanity’s greater interests. He seems to be a true believer in this approach, which is rational even if it’s unethical and cruel, showing his capacity to work toward a larger, vague future vision, while living and acting mostly in the present (it’s unclear how much he schemed with Solomon about framing Ethan for their crimes, and leaving him to take the fall, or whether Solomon mostly decided how to go about this).

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

August is a strange blend of total unfettered aggression, and “calm.” His manifesto under an assumed identity states, “There cannot be peace without first a great suffering. The greater the suffering, the greater the peace.” That’s an 8 villain’s approach to 9’s desire for harmony and peace—the idea of ‘enforcing’ and/or inflicting it on others, through power plays rather than allowing it to happen naturally. As an 8, he thinks people will defend themselves, and react to what is happening, because he would be proactive. Unlike Solomon, he doesn’t necessarily want to die for this cause, just to work toward it. His 9 wing shows in how bull-like he is; he can be ruthless while being totally un-phased by external threats, assertive without being rude about it, and unconcerned with how he is coming across to others; he has a fierce gut energy that says, “I am here. Deal with me.”

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