Ilsa makes quite an impression when she first breaks Ethan out of his torture chamber, killing a man with her thighs, and then tells him she will stay behind and come up with a cover story. She is willing to put her life at risk, to stay and act as a double-agent within one corrupt system, while giving information to the CIA. She has successfully infiltrated the Syndicate to take them down, but almost blows her cover to help Ethan. She is competent and capable of reacting immediately; even though she thinks there is no way to replace the disc in the underwater control room, she agrees to break in along with Ethan, and hacks into the computer system to give him more time. When she sees that the hatch isn’t opening that would save his life, she knows he must be drowning and immediately dives in to save him, not knowing what she will find on the other end of the tunnel. She then steals the information off him, engages in a high-speed motorcycle chase, and winds up a stooge of the boss who wants to send her back into the fray instead of pulling out. Ilsa tries to convince Ethan that they could walk away from all of this, that this doesn’t have to be their problem, the world will always be corrupt, and they could be doing more productive things with their time, but when he refuses, she goes ahead with assisting him in taking down a major terrorist organization. Ilsa is more emotional than rational; she saves Ethan because she can’t stand to see a man tortured, and won’t go against her own moral standards to kill the ambassador, even though her own life depends on it (she tells Ethan she intended to miss and/or wound him, not shoot to kill). In Fallout, she tries to kill Solomon Lane, saying that if she does this, she can get out of her government contract and be free of any further obligations. She has become a cynic about the government, after being mistreated by them, and wants to abdicate her responsibility to them out of a lack of caring, but goes along with it when Ethan holds to his view that they should do the responsible thing. Ilsa can be stumped by problems that seem impossible; she has to rely on Ethan and his computer tech expert to figure out a way into the secure facility, so they can steal the computer chip she wants – she calls it an “impossible problem.” She has exhausted every possible way to get in there, and come up with nothing—until they think their way around it. She shows insight into Ethan’s character in how she trusts him, even when she has no reason to, but no long-range plans or thinking styles, except in her awareness that if she doesn’t do something fast, she’s going to wind up dead.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Ilsa moves toward people as a dependent type—she easily befriends Ethan, forms an attachment to him, and likes his friends. She doesn’t hurt either one of them, or anyone who is innocent, despite her undercover work, even when it would make her more believable. She is also terrified of Solomon, but calls his bluff—confronting him and telling him he should trust her more, and if he doesn’t, to shoot her himself and not be such a wimp about it. When he points the gun at her, she blanches and then flinches when he kills the man beside her. She reacts against authority (him, and her boss at the CIA), but also goes along with what they tell her to do, even though she points out that it is going to get her killed, it’s too much of a risk, etc. She seems to feel more secure when she’s with other people (Ethan). Ilsa also shows some 7 wing tendencies—when the going gets really hard, she wants to skip town, not have anything to do with it, and go somewhere nice, where they can drink martinis on a beach. She resentfully does the right thing, but there is still that prominent quality of wanting to “avoid” and run away from her problems. She wants “out,” and will do what she must to make it possible for her to stop living on the edge.

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