Solomon Lane has a long-term plan in mind for what he intends to do, and at the end of it, he sees no point in living anymore (he says, when they have activated the nuclear bomb, that “this is the end for me,” implying he has no desire to live anymore – his ‘grand vision’ has been brought about). This includes creating the Syndicate, a terrorist organization that consists of former government agents who faked their deaths, betrayed their countries, and became his assassins. He knows Ethan is one of the few people who can stop him, so he targets him. His idea is to create an ‘new world order’ based on unstoppable terrorist attacks that will help him achieve a massive global superpower. Even after Ethan thwarts him in this, Solomon makes a deal with another terrorist to ensure that his vision is brought about. He is calculating and ruthless, strategic in how he sets Ethan up and manipulates him, using assassinations to generate chaos so he can profit from it. He is rarely caught off guard, because he has already thought of multiple contingencies and planned on how to handle each of them (Ni/Te). Solomon is callous, because he admits that he doesn’t care what people think or feel. He wants to tear down the government and smash the old world order, because he hates it so much. Solomon shows a lot of inferior Se – he has other people do his dirty work, while he prefers to operate from behind the scenes. He takes his environment for granted, which means he falls into a glass trap—and when he cannot shoot Ethan, he continues to fire bullets into the walls while the knockout gas rises up around him. He does engage Ilsa in a fight—and loses, although he manages to almost kill one of her friends in the process.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sx

Solomon wants to create chaos and destruction as a power-grab, so that he can be in control over entire civilizations and governments. He is not intimidated by anyone, and has no problem standing up to his operatives, ordering their deaths, and intimidating them through ruthless shows of power—such as when Ilsa challenges him to shoot him herself, instead of sending others to do it, and he point-blank kills someone in front of her, just to remind her of who is in control here. But despite being assertive, he’s also withdrawn—playing things from behind the scenes, manipulating things from the shadows, and spending significant time unattached to anyone or anything, per his withdrawn wing. The 9 gives him a creepy sense of calm that never shifts, even when he’s being shot at, in the middle of a high-speed chase; he just calmly responds to things as they arrive, and doesn’t concern himself with others’ suffering; it’s nonexistent to him, since he cares more about maintaining his own sense of ‘peace.’

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