JLB has a really beautiful conversation about cars in an early episode that embodies Introverted Sensing quite well; he says that he knows cars so well, he can tell what is wrong with them at a glance, and that he knows everything about their owner, just from looking inside and paying attention to what the details of their treatment of their vehicle tell him. He knows if they are careless or meticulous, honest or dishonest, and he concludes that one man is cheap, and would probably do anything for money, so he is not to be trusted – a “bad man.” JLB believes in being dependable and honest, but also is prone to the superstitions of his culture – when he finds a “witch bag” in one car, he doesn’t want Precious to handle it, nor does he want it in his shop, because he believes it has power and is connected to evil people (his inferior Ne fears the unforeseen consequences). He is warm and generous with everyone he meets, easily winning them over and finding ways to connect to them through conversation – he likes to find what interests them and talk to them about it, whether it’s someone who walks into his shop, or a little girl in a wheelchair who loves mechanical things. JLB is somewhat affected by what others say, and wants to do what seems right in the culture – he doesn’t even think about getting Precious a wedding ring until someone remarks on it, and then he queries other people to find out if “that’s what a modern woman expects.” He’s then willing to shell out a lot of money for one, if that’s what Precious wants from him (it’s not). He has good Ti in his job as a mechanic, because he can figure out what’s wrong with any car just by listening to it and/or tinkering under the hood. He says he likes actual cars that talk to him, instead of new fangled “cars that are just computers.” He can also be somewhat critical of others, especially if they seem to be slacking off on their work—but also gives them the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t like to make waves (he is scared to tell his own maid that he is getting married, because she will blow up). He is more cautious and concerned about the unforeseen consequences of their actions than Precious.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

JLB does not like to take risks, and at one point, tells himself that he has to become more “courageous.” Precious reminds him in one scene that the unknown is not always frightening—because to him, it is. He doesn’t want her taking risks, getting caught up in dangerous situations, or tangling with bad people; he warns her off doing things that could end badly for herself, or cause her to get targeted by dangerous criminals (she does not want to mess with ivory smugglers or witch doctors for sure!). He helps people in general, without expecting anything in return, but is also somewhat withdrawn and secretive. He doesn’t necessarily want people to know about his birthday, and says he doesn’t like to celebrate it (but will, if Precious wants to go out with him). He wants to marry her, but when she says no, he accepts that and merely pines for her, until he works up the courage to ask her again (after she urges him to do so).

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