Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Grace filters everything through either whether she can relate to it, or if she has read about something similar. She also has a distinct bias when it comes toward favoring people who find worth in the career she has chosen – she thinks a Beauty Pageant contestant should win, because she is a ‘person of integrity,’ for having the same ambitions as Grace did when she was younger (wanting to attend the secretarial college). She will often say, in the middle of a case, that his reminds her of … or I read about this… and sometimes what she has to say is based on a general stereotype from her school days (that the qualified assistants with integrity, such as her, did not get the position they wanted, because some short-skirted girl got it instead!). Grace tries to be a professional, and places a lot of importance on external criteria – like her diploma being an approximation of her worth, improving her typing skills (and complaining about the typewriter not working right), etc. She can be brisk and offensive, often saying rude things without thinking about how others might react (she walks into a beauty parlor to ask someone questions, and insults the woman in the chair, by saying the beautician hangs out with a lot of vapid, shallow women). She does not see any point in hiring a child at first, because she doubts he will do his job and resents having to pay him money. But as time passes, we see more of her softer side; when she fears something bad has happened to her boss, she laments that she never got to tell her how much she means to Grace, and how much she respects her (“these things are hard to say”). She also takes pity on the orphan and tries to help him. And she faithfully looks after her brother, who is sick and/or dying of AIDS, even though it is difficult, because she cares about him. Grace has very little interest in anything she cannot prove, and finds it hard to leap to conclusions. She will sometimes guess the wrong thing in trying to solve a mystery, and then think that’s evidence that she’s not a good detective.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Grace is highly concerned with proving her competency to others and places a lot of faith in her own achievements (that she graduated with a 97% from the ladies’ secretary college), but she also has some self-doubt and insecurities going on. She will put herself forward for a promotion, then do some digging into a case and feel like she can’t do it, so she won’t want the promotion, but then will take it when Precious reassures her that she is doing a good job and deserves a better title. She is also nervous and reactive, sometimes losing her cool in front of her clients. Though she puts on a 1ish persona, Grace will also bend the rules and lie to people to get them signed up as a client, pretending that they are busier and more productive than is actually the case (her stress line to 3 acting up, and feeling the need to “look busy / seem important”). She is studious, dutiful, and anxious, calling her boss repeatedly and falling asleep at her desk, when she thinks she might be in danger. Grace is also determined to be the best possible secretary that she can be, and places a lot of worth in her ability to research things (her 5 wing seeking to root itself in knowledge). She also, in a 6ish way, refuses to take any money for her work at first, because “if you don’t get paid, I won’t get paid either.”

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