Frances is a combination of emotional energy, instant reactions, awareness of what is socially appropriate, intuition, and sheer impulsivity. She immediately falls in love with John and pursues him without hesitation, showing great energy in how she tries to attract him, being straightforward and proud of what she has figured out about him, and inserting herself into his life (Fe-dom traits, combined with sexual 2). She doesn’t stop to think when she’s angry and feels betrayed, but accuses him immediately of having stolen from her and demands to search his room. Then when she thinks him innocent again, she turns up to appeal to him to forgive her. She often chastises her mother for her inappropriate statements and behaviors in public, and for saying embarrassing things like asking why John hasn’t made a pass at Frances yet, since she’s so beautiful. Her intuition is extremely strong and she feels self-confident in it – she sees John leave a boat and swim to shore, then reads about a jewel thief in the newspaper the next day, right around the time he pretends to be a new arrival from America. She correctly intuits that he is John Robie, the ‘cat burglar,’ and wants to plan future heists with him, seeing that as a means of excitement. When she thinks he has betrayed her, she is just as rigid in that opinion as when she felt drawn to him, and continues to insist that he give himself up and tell the truth. She is also impulsive in a low Se way—kissing him the first night they meet, swimming out to the floater to find out what he and a pretty French girl are talking about, careening around curves in corvette (and almost crashing into a little old lady), inviting him up to her room, and sleeping with him, all within a few days of them meeting each other. Her blind spot is not analyzing her own intentions, or second-guessing any of her decisions, which makes her prone to being wrong and accusatory, without giving him a chance to convince her he isn’t who she thinks. She is curious, though, and asks him many questions about his life, his profession, and points out all the rational holes in his argument that he is a lumber man from America (if so, name three deciduous trees to the area!).

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/so

Frances falls in love with John overnight, and immediately tries to make herself as seductive, appealing, and useful to him as possible, using a combination of allure, sexuality, and the promise of diamonds to try and convince him to make love to her, and bring her into his world. Excited by the idea of becoming a thief, she asserts herself as his “kitten” and tries to plan a robbery with him, believing that he needs and wants her in the process—a rather egocentric but direct point of view which makes her proactive in chasing him. And when she thinks she has been betrayed and he lied to her, stole her mother’s jewels, and took advantage of her, she becomes indignant, judgmental, and calls the cops of him, a manifestation of her 1 wing and her line to 8, in wanting to ‘get even’ and see him punished. She also displays 1 in her frowning on her mother’s bad behavior in public (her mother rolls her eyes and tells her to stop saying “Oh, mother!” in that annoyed tone), although as a sexual type, she’s also “into” things that aren’t traditionally credited to 1, such as offering to help him steal from their friends!

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