Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

The Marquis de Sade has wound up in an asylum for his perversions, but unknown to Coulmier, who runs the place, he continues to write his sadistic, sexual tales and smuggle them out in the laundry of a local laundress, Madeleine. As long as he has a quill, plenty of paper, and ink, he can tolerate being locked up, because he uses his mind and imagination to entertain himself. He says he has no company but the characters he creates, and is accused by Coulmier of “producing more than he reads,” which Coulmier finds “shameful.” He has such a desperate need to write, that when they punish him by taking away his pen and paper, he cuts open his own fingers, uses a chicken bone from his supper, and writes all over his clothes, finishing his tale on the heel of his boot. When they strip him naked and take away all of his books, he uses his own excrement to keep telling his stories. The Marquis has a detached way of looking at things, and is rather callous from the perspective of the feelers in his story; he doesn’t take anything personally and puts no morals into his stories, just tales of seduction, rape, and perversions, which he enjoys thinking about people reading. He is quite up front about his sexual desires with Madeleine, and taunts Coulmier about his desire for her, insisting that he had her “dozens of times” and being crushed to find out, after her death, that she died “a virgin.” Though he won’t admit it, he feels great angst over having been an inadvertent contributor to her death; without his sadistic words, the mental patient who attacked her would never have cut out her tongue and drowned her. He also becomes openly emotional under duress, throwing his wife’s gift of bon-bons back in her face, and screaming at her that she should have known to bring him papers and quills, that he cares not for food when he must write or die! The Marquis has no repeatable habits other than that his stories are all of one vein, that of depravity, and he enjoys seeing them in print, but then is annoyed by the quality of the paper and the ink (it’s not good enough!).

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

The Marquis is all about his witty and quick mind, and uses it to impress other people, through his stories; he comes up with perverse topics easily, and a variety of indelicate ways to describe what is being done to his characters, all in an irreverent style; he draws from real life to mock his jailer and his new bride, becoming so absorbed in the fun of the thing, he never thinks about the potential punishment, or the threat to Madeleine until it’s too late. Though imprisoned, he lives a lavish lifestyle of endless treats, foods, good wines, etc., while re-framing it all to make it seem more elegant than it is (the wine is from the asylum cellars, not as he says, from a special vineyard). He likes to banter with his jailers, but also is all about one-upping them, challenging the authorities, and being defiant. When they torture him in an effort to get him to stop writing “filth,” he screams at them that each new torture is going to seer his intentions deeper into his brain, so that he must continue doing it (the more you punish me, the more I’m going to defy you and continue to write this stuff!). He enjoys making people squirm and goading them toward giving in to their wanton desires, and even offers himself sexually, if they will just give him back his quills!