Bobi has simple needs and wants, in that she is a good mother who looks after her son even as an adult, who enjoys her comforts at home and just wants a good meal, time with the boy she cares about, and a movie on television at the end of the day to make her happy. She is increasingly distressed by disruptions to her life, by the camera crews and journalists who park on her front lawn, by pundits on television saying terrible things about her son, etc. She makes her feelings known easily and sometimes over-shares in her defense of her son (how she doesn’t like him hunting, but he’s good at it, and she just doesn’t want him to bring a ‘dead Bambi’ home one day). It’s easy to upset her and hurt her feelings. She’s sick of listening to them talk about what’s going on one day and turns up her movie, which happens to include an explosion; her son then gets upset with her, because he thinks the FBI will use “he loves movies with bombs in them” as an excuse to build a case against him. In tears, she runs out of the room and locks herself in the bathroom, refusing to come out until he pleads with her to forgive him. Bobi doesn’t show much in the way of lower functions, but she is patient enough to wait things out when she has to, she thinks a lot of her son’s desire to learn things and is proud of his accomplishments, and wants all the best for his future, and that includes, not going to jail for a crime she knows he could never commit.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Bobi is an emotional woman, who when she makes her appeal to President Clinton to stop the FBI’s harassment of her son, cries on public television and then apologizes for it profusely, not even realizing that her emotional appeal has done them a tremendous favor in garnering sympathy for her cause. She is always looking after her son, believing the best in him even when others speak ill of him, and taking care of his needs at home. He still lives with her, despite being old enough to support himself, giving the impression that she continues to mother him, and make life comfortable for him, into adulthood. When he tells her that the world “owes her more,” she just shakes her head and changes the subject. She has some strong moral views, and isn’t afraid to confront people who do “bad things” (like go through her underwear drawer; who gives them the right to do that!?). She also doesn’t like finding out that her son hasn’t paid his taxes in two years.

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