Watson doesn’t have a lot of screen time in terms of actually doing things so much as reacting to them, but he’s clearly an ETP in the way he deals with people, has sympathy for Richard and is easily likable, despite having an obnoxious Enneagram type. He also doesn’t limit himself to one side of the law—he didn’t train to be a defense attorney, but still confidently takes up Richard’s case, secure in his ability to take what he knows and apply it into another related field, which seems like Ne. He also keeps the big picture in mind way better than Richard: this is an important case, he has to win it, they have no evidence, so we just need to fight them for every inch and win this thing. Even though he isn’t sure at first that Richard is innocent, he still defends him—and then later, he does the math by testing out the evidence and realizing there’s no way Richard could have been seen in the park at one time, gotten to a pay phone a fair distance away to call in the bomb threat, then made it back in time to “find the backpack” and inform the cops, within the limited amount of time he had (two minutes). From then on, Watson is a bulldog in how aggressively he defends him, but also angry at being blindsided by the press and finding out Richard’s bad track record, which reflects poorly on him. He flips back and forth between being sweet and consoling to Richard’s mother, and annoyed with other people. He will confront them or sweet talk them, whatever is required. He also wants to know all the details of Richard’s past, so he isn’t caught off guard again.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

It’s a good thing Richard has Watson around to fight his battles for him, because he could never do it himself. Watson shows how assertive he is the first time the FBI lie over the phone and tell him that Richard is not on the premises; he calls them back up, tells them that’s bullshit, and either he speaks to his client, or he takes this story to the press. He never lets them get away with anything, even if he has to hover over Richard, give him endless lectures about “not being nice to the people who want to fry you in an electric chair,” and shoot everyone dirty looks all the time. He gets angry whenever he’s caught off guard, and insists that Richard tell him “everything” the FBI could possibly use against them to build a case. He doesn’t back down or fear anyone at the Bureau, which makes him an intense man to have in your corner. He also marches into the “bull pen” at the news network and tells off the reporter who started his client’s slander in the press to her face, harassing her so much that she tries to offer them an apology, and then walking out without hearing it. He feels sorry for people who are too weak to defend themselves, so he takes on Richard’s case, despite it not being within his legal prowess (strictly speaking) because “this man is going to get railroaded.” When Richard asks him why he opened up his own law practice (and has no clients), Watson admits that he can’t stand being told what to do, and had to set up his own life. His 7 wing liked to have fun with Richard when they worked in the same building (they would play video games together) and doesn’t mind a little self-indulgence.

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