Richard is a warm and outgoing guy who is nice to everyone, and takes care of people. He makes friends with Watson by being the guy who puts what he needs in his desk drawers in anticipation of what he might ask for later, including Snickers bars (he confesses that he knows Watson likes them, because in emptying his trash cans as the janitor, he saw the wrappers). He often stresses how much he wants to help people, and does so, even when it’s inconvenient to himself. Richard thinks in emotional terms, which includes believing the best of others and suppressing any negative emotions that might upset his mother or his friends. He’s quite upset at the idea of the FBI believing things about him that are not true, and insists they talk about that (rather than focusing on the details of the case against him). He sometimes oversteps his authority and has gotten into trouble for impersonating a cop, because that’s all he’s ever wanted to be in life. He can also be somewhat arrogant and attention-seeking, boasting about what he knows to impress his friends and make himself seem more important; this backfires, when the FBI uses a taped conversation with a friend to make it seem like he planted the bomb in the park, because he knows so much about pipe bombs. He has an incredibly detailed memory; when arguing with the college principle about going too far in harassing the students, Richard points out that the principle gave him the authority for it at the company picnic. He was standing by the punch bowl when he said it! Though his goal has always been law enforcement, he’s taken up side jobs that are similar to it, and enjoys hanging out with the real deal, which has given him kind of hero-worship for the FBI. He has an idealistic streak, and wants to believe the best of them, even when they attack him in the press, take away all of his personal items, and seem intent on sticking it to him. Richard does have good instincts as a security guard, however, because he follows protocol. He sees a backpack abandoned under a bench, and insists that they follow the rules and call in a bomb squad to check it. When it goes off, because he noticed it, he manages to save a bunch of people. Richard does not think through any of his assumptions or conclusions, never questions his idealism enough, and seems incapable of believing that he is in serious trouble and needs to keep his mouth shut. He talks when his lawyer tells him not to, showing his inability to keep quiet.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Richard may act like a tough cop when he’s dealing with kids throwing beer bottles around, but he almost as quickly (after threatening them with the cops) turns and walks away from a confrontation. He is also too nice to everyone, and flat out passive during the investigation of whether he bombed the park or not. His lawyer has to get on his case, and ask him if he’s even angry, because he isn’t showing it. Richard is, instead, offering to help the FBI haul his stuff out of his house, insisting that “we’re all law enforcement around here… I know how this works.” Instead of being freaked out, he’s managing to stay calm and pleasant, and he does whatever they want—except sign away his rights, because his lawyer stressed for him to sign nothing without him reading it first. Even so, despite being told not to give them anything, Richard goes ahead and records his voice into a devise for them, so they can run it up against the 911 call for comparisons. He believes they will do right by him and that everything will be okay, but he does act like a 6 under stress – he’s suspicious of the backpack, he over-relies on the authorities to work for him (and not against him), and he gets upset with his mother for watching something violent, when the FBI has their house bugged. (Just as quickly, when she starts to cry, he apologizes and begs her to come out into the living room, and says she can watch whatever she wants, going back into peace-keeping and passivity mode.) Richard’s 1 wing has strong opinions about how people should behave, comes down hard on rule-breakers, and has violated the collage’s jurisdiction several times by performing unauthorized searches off campus to prevent “drugs from coming into the building.” He will sometimes lecture people on bad behavior. It takes Richard months of harassment and mistreatment by the FBI before he will stand up to any of them, and demand that they either arrest him or return his stuff, since they can’t prove he did anything bad.

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