Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Kara is way more impulsive and reactive than Clark, often leaping into action at the drop of a hat to make something happen (or prevent it from happening). She exposes herself and her powers to Lex by saving him after his car sinks into the river after the dam explodes and floods the area, then later returns to him when she has amnesia and is too trusting of his willingness to help her. When she wants to integrate into Smallville, she joins a beauty pageant where she, again, exposes her powers to three of the contestants and considers becoming one of their “gang.” She learned to fly at a very early age and can’t understand why Clark is such a “late bloomer.” Her idea of teaching him to fly involves standing in the barn, telling him what it’s like, and expecting him to do it just the way she learned—by throwing his body into action. When it becomes apparent he isn’t ready, she dismisses that idea and goes after a different approach. Kara is rather straightforward and blunt in expressing her feelings, but also has a lot going on inside her; when her father returns and wants to destroy her cousin, she has to decide whether to keep her loyalty to him or defend Clark. In the end, she chooses to support Clark and his mother, Lara, with whom she had a deep bond. But she also knows it’s necessary to destroy the crystal that contains Lara’s essence to keep the world safe from her father, and advocates to that end. Kara sacrifices herself to Brainaic to keep Clark and the world safe, and sometimes advocates violence to protect his secret. Her directness and tendency to rip doors off their hinges, regardless of how it might look, sometimes distresses her cousin, as he tries to do “damage control” in her wake. She would also rather do things her own way than take anyone’s advice. Kara has extremely poor intuition. Her hunches about things are often wrong, and she trusts Lex way too much, even when Clark warns her to be careful. Many of her decision are short-sighted, and cause Clark distress and concern about their potential repercussions.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 so/sp

At first, I saw Kara as a 7w6 in how bold, confident, and assertive she is, but she’s also a super-ego type who chooses to stay trapped in the Phantom Zone for six months when she could escape (and find freedom) because she’s afraid she might let out Phantoms to terrorize the earth in the process. She is highly responsible, and fiercely loyal to her family and especially her father—it’s hard for her to go against him or to think badly of him, even when she realizes the truth about his manipulation of Lara and their situation. She takes her responsibility of protecting Clark seriously, but her instincts aren’t good; when she loses her memories, she doesn’t feel that she can trust Clark, so she trusts Lex instead. She has a strong sense of duty and a need to fulfill her obligations, and allows that to shape her decisions. Kara also wastes no time in going after what she wants, whether that’s to steal back a bracelet or to insist Clark stop goofing off and learn to fly so they can have fun already. She fights against any kind of limits and admits that she sneaked away from her father’s control to have fun once, by accompanying Lara to Smallville to scope out the Kent farm. She is rebellious and doesn’t like to admit to her mistakes, outspoken but also committed to her family.

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