Unlike some of the more sensitive souls in Avonlea, Gus takes things on an analytical level—when Hetty come to the cannery to recruit young people and offer them school, Gus feels attracted to the idea that he could learn to read and improve his education, so he rearranges his schedule and works twice as hard so that he can attend school. He proves a smart student who quickly learns things and has a perfect audio memory—he can quote long poems from memory after hearing the other students recite them, as well as has an instinctual love of and gift for music. When Felicity complains that there’s no guide to kissing in a book that she can study, Gus simply laughingly kisses her, to give her a first experience, and doesn’t mind that she berates him about various chores around the farm. He spends some time in inferior Fe when he thinks Hetty believes his music is ‘evil,’ and offers to give it up to please her—making himself miserable in the process. He also has a genuine desire for acceptance among the students (though he doesn’t care much what they think) and can be riled up when people provoke him by demeaning his intelligence or a talent. Rather than ignoring them, Gus will do something to prove them wrong or attract attention, including ferocious playing of his fiddle. He’s a boy who loves to engage with the environment, who got on a ship as a child and never looked back, but instead made his living working on the sea. Felix admires his roaming and how he never makes anyplace home for long, but Gus reveals that his secret dream is to have a life, a home, and a family, in a low Ni quest for a settled life. He is always looking for and taking opportunities, from using his fiddle to help Sara and Felicity learn to dance, to deciding on a whim to attend school, to how he tries to get away from his diabolical pa when the old man turns up in Avonlea. He also has a lower Ni tendency to believe in superstitions and omens, assuming the fire caused by his fiddling is a sign that Hetty is right, and fiddling is of the devil.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Gus has a gentle and tender heart and he does not like conflict, so he will often do something out of a desire to please someone rather than stand up to them—he’ll defend himself a little because he’s an ISTP who doesn’t care much what view others hold of him, but when he finds someone he admires, such as Hetty, and she is kind to him, he takes what she tells him seriously. If she tells him not to play his music and takes it away from him, he will obey her wishes rather than break into the cabinet and steal it, even if she’s being impossible about it. Gus is well-adjusted and doesn’t take too many things personally—he calmly goes about his life following his instincts, but he does spend some time in his 1 wing, out of a desire to ‘be a better person.’ Gus gives up what he loves most for a short time because he thinks it’s making him do bad things. He places some emphasis on personal integrity, but more often is sucked into his environment and loves to become a part of it through his music.