Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Cesare is quick to take control of any situation and feels he would best serve as a military general. He feels confident that he can do what his brother “can’t,” meaning he is able to alienate his emotions from his military decisions, and employ effective tactics against their adversaries. Cesare is good at outlining plans, correcting others, and accomplishing things; he has a no nonsense, tactical approach to life who is comfortable in a leadership position, and will stop at nothing to force others to surrender, submit, and relinquish their power. Cesare is a natural strategist, and often accurately predicts things before they happen (including all the steps their opposing cardinal will take, in choosing allies, marshalling armies, and marching against them across Italy). He has an intense focus that is very narrow in its scope, constantly forming around his sister’s welfare, his father’s power, and his own ambitions toward being a military commander rather than a priest. Cesare likes to foresee things and plan for them before acting on his impulses, both to protect himself and ensure nothing catches him off guard or goes wrong. Less impulsive than either his father or his brother, Cesare doesn’t always trust his own ability to improvise in the moment; he prefers planning to recklessness, but also shows a fondness for sensual pleasures and experiences. He focuses an immense amount of energy on accomplishing everything he sets out to accomplish, and also indulges in fine food, wine, and the company of beautiful woman when the urge strikes. He is very good at seeing the potential in a situation and exploiting it for personal or family gain. Though able to keep his emotions in check, Cesare is fiercely loyal to his family and particularly his sister, so much so that he kills another sibling to keep her happy. Passion both for his sister, his family, and his dreams runs thick in his veins and only occasionally surfaces, mostly through his actions to defend them. Cesare has a strong sense of right and wrong, and refuses to compromise on the things he holds nearest and dearest to his heart.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Cesare has a far more direct and brutal approach than his father, whom he sometimes horrifies through the violence and ruthlessness of his decisions, such as when he has his brother murdered for daring to threaten their sister’s child. He goes directly after those who attack them, by hiring an assassin to kill them discreetly and more overtly; he has a cardinal poisoned in public to send a message! Cesare believes in taking what he wants, even when it comes to his sexual obsession with his own sister; their incest does not strike him as wrong, because “only a Borgia can love a Borgia,” as she tells him. He freely gives in to all of his sexual impulses, in a desire to live life to the fullest and not deny himself anything. He has a wild and mercurial streak, is somewhat uncontrollable in terms of his tactics, and lives in denial that anything he does is wrong, rather than “necessary” to protect them (he makes excuses for his actions, justifications, and reframes them in a positive light).