Lucrezia is a romantic, who loves to use her imagination to build off others’ ideas and add her own twist to it (she wants a portrait similar to another, but different!). She is curious about everything, so she asks many questions in order to gain a larger worldview; her interest in other places causes her to befriend foreigners and show genuine curiosity toward their customs and traditions. Lucrezia senses the truth about others and their intentions, even though she hopes for the best and prefers not to think about the ugly details of her family’s business methods. She is good at mirroring others and pretending to accommodate them, often to get her own way. She is a kind girl, who wants to believe the best of others and is hurt deeply when betrayed. Lucrezia cares very much about a specific few people (her mother, and Cesare), and protects them at all costs, but can be cold when shutting others out. Her deepest affections are often shown in heartfelt actions and moments of silent understanding rather than extensive sharing of her heart. She defies all social conventions and others’ expectations in her choice of lovers, and gradually becomes more self confident in being assertive and unyielding in what she wants. Her attempts to control her environment when young are somewhat clumsy, but she learns how to use her beauty to influence others, and bring about desired change; it ranges from the simplicity of a stable boy doing harm to her husband’s saddle strap to Lucrezia’s decisive actions in protecting her family. As she becomes more ruthless, she takes more dramatic stands, often acting on her emotions and showing little interest in negotiation. Often, her thoughts go back to books she has read; she relates her and Palo’s romance to that of doomed lovers in all the great poets, admitting that she thought they were doomed because that is what happens to young lovers. She shows a genuine interest in Gem’s culture and traditions, and enjoys participating in some of them with him (inferior Si).

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Lucrezia starts out an innocent girl in search of love, blessed by her parents’ indulgence of her whims and soon made aware of the hard realities of married life to a cruel man. She quickly puts on a mask, and arranges for him to break his leg, then uses fake affection to win over his favor until she can get away from him. Lucrezia is good at sensing others feelings and accommodating them, but also has a strongly competitive streak. She wants to be seen, noticed, and both adored and respected. Her 3 wing also makes her ambitious in pursuing what she wants. Her 2 falls into 8 aggression, when she ruthlessly tells Cesare she wants Juan dead for “threatening her child.”