Giulia is a charming woman but also somewhat enigmatic about her motives; she knows to play her cards close to her chest, while using her guile and sexuality to attract powerful men. She comes to the Vatican for the express purpose of gaining Rodrigo’s sympathy and inserting herself as his mistress, as a way to protect her family holdings, increase her influence and power, advance her brother, and become more integral to politics. She goes out of her way to make herself invaluable to him as her lover, playing whatever role he requires from her in the process, whether that means becoming friendly with his daughter and mentoring her, or charming a room full of men on his behalf. Giulia often tries to act on Lucretzia’s behalf, but is a little late in helping her escape the city, winding up getting them captured by a rival army—she turns it around, however, by convincing Lucretzia to charm the general in charge. She revealed their identities to keep them from being mistaken for prostitutes, ensuring their survival and higher treatment, and eventually bringing about a state of peace. Giulia believes in doing good, and in making sure money earmarked for the poor actually reaches them. She outsmarts the Cardinals, figures out how to blackmail them by locating all of their secrets and exploiting them, including their sexual deviances. Managing the household affairs, organizing the Vatican finances, and dealing with complicated mathematical equations is effortless for her. Once in awhile, Giulia sees potential in a situation Rodrigo does not, and draws his attention to it; she devises the Banquet of Chestnuts to blackmail the cardinals, knowing it will be advantageous in to have them under the pope’s control. She turns her eye toward the future as the pope’s interest in her wanes, in what she can get out of gracefully bowing out of their romantic relationship. Giulia has no problem taking charge, issuing orders, or exploiting the cardinals by appealing to their vices and recording them. She is an efficient problem solver when rationality is involved, but when faced with problems she cannot think her way out of, such as Rodrigo losing interest in her, she turns to the pope’s earlier mistress for advice (“what do I do now?”). She is a sensual woman who prefers to live in the moment, and easily changes her entire focus to managing his household affairs, then in finding a new lover when Rodrigo loses interest in her. She has lavish taste and is very present and in tune with what is happening around her, but prefers to let others problem-solve for her.

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Giulia has the sort of personality that blends into any environment, because she becomes whatever the current situation requires from her; she adapts her behavior and approach to whomever she is around, showing fierceness to their enemies, tenderness to a young girl, and unbridled sensuality to Rodrigo, by allowing him to pursue and ‘conquer’ her. She then uses that power to gain a foothold in Rome, and looks for ways to keep herself in a useful position within his life. She skillfully adapts to new opportunities as they arise, shifting from a lover, to a housekeeper, to eventually leave Rodrigo to find someone else when he has lost interest in her – she is not bitter about this in the least, but accepts it as what happens in life and moves on. She takes some pleasure in being useful to others, in contributing to their lives, and in knowing she is having an effect on them.