Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Rodrigo measures success by the amount of wealth, power, and prestige he can accumulate to the family name. He strategizes and organizes others to accomplish his goals, and is very efficient and practical in solving problems. Rodrigo prefers not to allow his emotions to interfere with his decisions (forming marriages for political reasons, blackmailing and assassinating his enemies, etc). He finds it easy to maintain leadership among the conclave, and enjoys bringing the papal court to order. Though his values are warped, they do include a moral code that his sons do not often share; he is devastated and horrified when he discovers one child has killed another. He senses what moves his adversaries are likely to make, and takes effective steps in thwarting them. Rodrigo instinctively knows how to manipulate the other cardinals, appeal to their baser natures, and win them over to his side. He foresees outcomes and figures out what the next step is to make that dream a reality (which alliances to form, where to get the money for the endeavor, and so forth). His appreciation for the pleasures of life shows in his mistresses, his gorgeous houses, his love of fine artwork and paintings, his accumulation of wealth, and his eagerness to indulge his sensual appetites. Rodrigo enjoys lavish banquets and new experiences; he doesn’t hesitate to seize any opportunity to further his cause or gratify himself. He is also aware of the facts at all times. Rodrigo feels very confident in his beliefs, and imposes those beliefs on his children, using them as pawns in his larger political game. He ignores his son’s desire to be a soldier and makes him a cardinal instead. He can be very warm and loving, but devotes all of his mental energies to those things he values most – power, the papacy, and his family.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

An unashamed opportunist, Rodrigo is all about his image and working to obtain power, prestige, and influence in Rome. He wants the papacy and will stop at nothing to get it, but once he’s there, he does extend his influence into humanitarian outreaches – trying to help the poor and win their affection (2 wing) through providing for their needs. He has a deep love for his children and his mistresses, but also does not reflect upon his own motives and ambitions. He plays a role. He’s competitive and ambitious, determined always to come out on top, and enjoys being in the spotlight, but also driven to intensity in his relationships and carries a sense of hedonism like a 7. He wins over other cardinals by offering to do nice things for them, and also wants to do good within Rome. Rodrigo genuinely cares about improving situations for the poor, ensuring the money gets to the people he intends it to reach, and in improving their lives and social standings through charitable outreaches; he feigns less self-interest than is genuine when he brings the Jews who fled Spain into Rome (they will pay taxes and increase his profits!).