ESTPs are opportunistic risk-takers, who can sometimes get caught up in over-indulgent behaviors—which plagues Paul Avery. He is known for getting drunk and not showing up to meetings on time, when he moves into his boat midway through the movie, Robert notices he has been using drugs and drinking, and he also fearlessly baits the Zodiac killer, without realizing the potential consequences – then freaks out when the killer sends him a piece of a bloodstained shirt. Rather than cool his heels about it, Avery immediately insists that he be allowed to carry a gun for his own protection. Unlike an intuitive, he doesn’t theorize on the crime, speculate about who it might be, or show much interest in it, once it has fallen out of the headlines. He judges people at face value, thinking Robert is “weird” for his fascination with the code and is curious about his ability to crack it. He has Robert sit him down and explain how he did it in Ti terms (how codes work, how the Zodiac is mixing them up, etc). He doesn’t understand why Robert is bothering with this, since he has no “angle” — it’s not rational to put so much work, time, and attention into something with no payoff, since Robert isn’t a detective or a journalist who could break the story. Avery cuts through the chase of stupid theories, and says the Zodiac is full of crap; he’s taking credit for crimes they have already reported in their newspaper, after the fact – proving that he doesn’t know about them in advance, because he didn’t commit them. He also realizes before anybody else that the Zodiac stole his image and logo off a style of men’s watches. Though somewhat charming and affable, Paul is also a bit rude. He reacts to things on an emotional level at times, but doesn’t overly concern himself with what others think. His shying away from theorizing shows his inferior Ni – he just wants the headlines, not to figure out anything for himself.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Self-preservation Enneagram 7s can get themselves into trouble through over-indulgence, being irresponsible, and pursuing addictions in order to escape the things they don’t want to deal with; they are mentally quick, but also don’t like to get pinned down, all things Avery is known for in the journalism office. Avery is forever making excuses about not getting his work done on time (he tells his boss his story is finished, it just needs typed up, and his boss retorts that it’s not finished until it is typed up). He is often late and unapologetic about it, but also knows it could get him fired, so he does make an effort to get things done. He reacts from a place of fear when he thinks the Zodiac might follow through on his threat to kill him (a coworker points out that Avery did call him a “latent homosexual” in what he wrote about him). He turns to drugs and alcoholism to deal with his issues, and loses interest in the case faster than anyone else, with no desire to revisit it. “It’s over, man,” he says, “move on!” He’s also somewhat blunt and abrasive, choosing to fight his fears with direct action (by purchasing a gun and learning how to use it) rather than assuming the police can protect him, like a 6 wing might.

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