Colin is an unrepentant dreamer who looks for the best in people, and is so busy thinking about all the things he wants to do, he misses what’s right in front of his face—the fact that Penelope is in love with him! After burned in a relationship, he travels the world, adding thing after thing to his itinerary and only coming home months later, where he talks of nothing but the details of his trip. He’s able to talk easily with someone he barely knows, because he knows so much about botany—among a bunch of other topics of interest. Though sociable, he’s also somewhat on the outside of things. It’s unclear when he figured out the new Lord Featherington was swindling people out of big piles of cash, but he caught on to it at some point, then convinced him he wanted to invest, and brings him “down” by writing to his contacts in America and finding out the truth. He then confronts him to run him out of town, thinking he is doing the Featheringtons a favor but without realizing they were also in on it. His emotions are also isolated from other people, in the manner of Fi – it’s obvious to anyone with emotional intelligence that Penelope loves him, but he’s oblivious to it, in the first season due to his pursuit of another girl, and in the second, because of his preoccupations. Colin is gentle, and compassionate, and kind, but can also be assertive and terse when he tells people off for their bad behavior, showing he judges them on an internal moral standard and is willing to walk away from people that cross that boundary. He is rude to a man in a club to get someone to trust him, and makes amends through a direct apology and by bringing more business to the club later. Colin goes through a bit of Si-gripping, in how he gets stuck on the past, on a relationship that has ended, and has a lot of longing built into it. He dwells there until the woman tells him to stop mooning over her, and notice Penelope!

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

The Enneagram 9 being a withdrawn type also has an orientation to time that is focused on the past, meaning they find it hard to move beyond things that happen to them, and may take comfort in dwelling on old dreams. This is what happens with Colin in season two, where he returns from a trip abroad and many happy adventures… and finds himself thinking about and pining for the girl he can’t have, who used him so ill. She manipulated him into proposing to cover up that she was carrying another man’s child (twins, as it turns out). Colin then broke up with her when the truth came out, but not for being pregnant—for lying to him. In his 9ish forgiving way, he told her that he would have married her anyway, if she had just told him the truth instead of deceiving him. When he visits her in her new house, longing to patch up the past and make sure she is okay, she assertively puts him in his place by telling him flatly that they are done; it’s over, it’s dead, she doesn’t intend to live in the past and neither should he. Though startled, Colin agrees and resumes his easygoing, pleasant lifestyle full of tolerance and naïve trust. He has also been somewhat remiss in taking Penelope for granted; it takes someone else pointing out that he should care for those who love him more, better, for him to move toward them (as a withdrawn type, he has skirted around their edges a lot, rather than directly connecting to and engaging with them). His 1 wing is principled and will give him the anger he needs to act on others’ behalf—he confronts and tells a swindler to get out of town, or he will tell everyone the truth, on behalf of the Featheringtons, without realizing their mother has started the con in the first place.

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