ENTJs can get caught up in focusing so much on their one way forward, the plan they came up with, that they almost miss out on what is available to them if they shift their focus. This is Kate. She has a similar high Te approach to life as Anthony does, in that she has made up her mind, come up with a plan for what she wants, and intends to execute it. She does not suffer fools lightly, has a sharp tongue, and does not hesitate to put people in their place. She’s aware of social appropriateness, and how to navigate it, but does so on Te terms. (When offended by Lady Danbury’s attempts to help her and her sister, she points out that she spent years teaching her sister everything she would need to know and educating her, so she could make a good future match – from dancing to literature to basic conversation, so thank you, but she doesn’t need your lessons.) She is extremely offended by Anthony when she hears that he only cares about women as “breeding stock,” but fails to recognize that her own method of filtering out men for her sister is similar, in that it is financially-driven. She is single-minded almost to a fault, and insists throughout the entire season that she’s just going to get her sister married off, and move back to India—her Ni won’t give up on what she decided months ago, and sees no other way forward, and she adamantly refuses to give in to her feelings or listen to her heart (an inferior Fi problem). Her feelings are irrelevant compared with her sister’s happiness; she just dismisses them, while burning up inside. Inferior Fi’s never give enough weight to their own feelings, or that of other people – but they also care deeply about the relationships that matter most to them, in her case, ensuring her sister has the best possible future. Kate is deeply hurt when her sister stops talking to her, after finding out the truth; because she gave up so much for her, and it’s not now appreciated! Her sister has accused her of being hurtful, when Kate wanted to do the opposite! If she had a better understanding of her Fi, she could have been honest with her about her feelings for Anthony, trusting her deeply sensitive, emotional sister to let her have him and turn her sights elsewhere. Her tert-Se shows in how she bucks traditions and blazes her own path forward. She goes riding in the woods without a chaperone (later, in a dangerous rainstorm; causing her to fall and almost kill herself), she would rather hunt with the men than stay and drink tea with the ladies, and insists on going her own way into the woods in pursuit of game. She impulsively has sex with Anthony in an outdoor gazebo, not thinking or caring about how it might ruin her reputation, prospects, or how it could make her pregnant—all that matters is surrendering to the moment.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Enneagram 1s, as super-ego types, assume that they must put aside their needs to accommodate other people, because choosing to do what they think and feel if it hurts someone else is “bad behavior.” This is what keeps Kate away from Anthony Bridgerton for so long. She feels it is her “duty” and responsibility to look after her sister. She decided to put aside her needs, and just focus on getting her taken care of, because that’s the “right thing to do.” Enneagram 1s are angry and repress their feelings, and she does both – Anthony vexes her, both because he tries to tell her what to do, and because she feels attracted to him. Feeling attracted to the person courting her sister feels wrong, which makes her judge herself as a bad person, and repress her feelings rather than give in to them. She reacts to their kiss not with excitement, but guilt, and tells him “we should feel ashamed of ourselves… there is no world in which this could happen between us.” She beats herself up mercilessly for potentially ruining her sister’s engagement and wedding, but also pleads with her for forgiveness, by reminding her, again and again, of how much she gave up for her. “I did all of this to help you,” she insists. And it’s true – she has helped her sister find a suitor, while ruthlessly filtering out people who weren’t good enough. As Anthony points out, “Isn’t it time we stopped doing things only for other people, and did what we want for a change?” Her rigidity, judgmental nature, and anger makes her rather formidable and intimidating to others – the men liken her to a “dragon” guarding the keep, but all comes from her desperate attempt to do right by the people she loves.

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