Cal recruits Ria because he heard she is a natural born micro-expression reader; he tests her by going to the airport and acting mildly suspicious about his briefcase, so she pulls him out of the passenger line and demands he open his case. Unlike Cal, who had to spend years before he could people-read, she does it automatically, in part because she grew up in an abusive home. She doesn’t always understand why someone is lying, or what facial expressions led her there, but she is sure of it. She is naturally at ease in new situations and thinks fast on her feet. Her introverted thinking is also excellent—she reviews thousands of hours of footage to improve her accuracy and to form an internally-based understanding of the techniques they employ. Even when she is firm in her assumptions (“people don’t change”), she is open to correction. She is sometimes more rational than her coworkers in remaining detached and impersonal when dealing with a likable person—she says there are still indicators of deceit, and they should not believe them until the investigation has ended. She has to see tangible proof of someone changing before she will accept it (and she does, when the gang leader she hates actually embraces and cries with the woman who wants to kill him for murdering her husband). Ria is also pretty good with people, considerate of their feelings, and wants them to hear the entire story before she lets them leave. She doesn’t understand not protecting their feelings sometimes (why would Cal not warn Gillian her marriage is on the rocks if he cares about her?), and is better than Eli at handling their clients (he lets one man walk out heart-broken, and she chases after him to bring him back and show him the rest of their video footage, which proves his girlfriend actually does love him). She often reaches a firm, singular conclusion (this person is innocent, this one is a liar) without leaving room for side options.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Ria is a natural born skeptic, which means she constantly questions and challenges people if she spots inconsistencies in their behavior; she can’t fathom why Cal won’t tell Gillian her husband is lying, when the tells are obvious, because she would—she considers it her responsibility to be honest with people and help them look ahead for trouble. She is doubtful that a gang-banger has “reformed,” and doesn’t believe him even when the evidence suggests otherwise—not until she sees him do something good with her own eyes. She digs at things, wanting to understand the motivations behind them; when Cal acts weird, she notices, asks him about it, and “won’t leave it alone.” She also has a warm personality, if a little bit distant—she can get people to open up to her and confide in her, while she is seeking answers. She is self-reliant and self-trusting, sometimes too sure of her conclusions, but also able to admit when she is wrong and correct her assumptions.