Eli is not what you would call a people person, since he gets straight to the point when talking to people without thinking about how they might respond; the first time he meets a prospective coworker, he asks her if she would ever sleep with him (the answer is “maybe,” when she asks him if he is a good lover, and he says “fair”). When a client has them investigate his girlfriend to determine if she’s lying and just after his money, Eli tells him the truth—that she has manipulative behaviors, and knew about his money when they met, then lets him walk out the door, without them talking about the rest of her behavior, which indicates that she really is in love with him. He focuses on reading and interpreting people’s expressions and behaviors through software, and by cold-reading their responses and provoking reactions out of them. He is something of a computer whiz, who also is insightful in intuitive ways—he tells Ria not to take Cal too seriously, because he’s “offended by people who can do naturally what it took him decades to figure out” (read micro-expressions). Eli is a strange blend of pessimism and idealism. When attracted to a woman, he wants to believe only the evidence they find that suggests she is telling the truth and not the lie indicators; he reluctantly also sees that point of view, and unearths the fact that she made up all the stories in her book, which devastates him. He assumes she’s into him (and she is) and allows that to cloud his judgment, but always comes back to the evidence. In other instances, he allows his open bias to work against them—he hates corporate tycoons who steal money from poor people, and so is rude to a suspect. He forms assumptions about them based on broad generalizations (“these kind of people always do this”), which is something that plagues him often at work, creating a bias he isn’t aware of. His Fe is relatively poor and shown off especially well in that episode, because he wants “justice” and for the true wrong-doer to go to jail, and puts that ahead of returning the stolen money to all the people who got ripped off by it (the man pretending to have taken it will give it all back, as long as his daughter doesn’t go to jail; Eli knows this, but still turns her in, rendering that deal moot, and meaning thousands of people have lost their life savings).

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Eli is an optimistic pessimist, someone who believes the worst of people, but sometimes is too trusting of them and wants them to be better than they are; he makes this mistake most often when he’s affected by a bias of some sort (being sexually attracted to them, or having them remind him of someone else he hates – via his Si). He often takes a position of assuming people are guilty before he has gathered the evidence for it, and sees himself as unwanted (the internet is another place to get rejected—his low Fe can’t understand why, if he is super honest with women about what he wants and the money he doesn’t make, they never go on a second date with him). He is honest to a fault, loyal to his boss, and skeptical, while also being warm and reliable with his coworkers. He is also playful, funny, and opportunistic, making things into jokes to keep things light and feeling relieved to find out the truth.