Andrew holds the heritage of his people as one of the most important things in his life, and has a decided sense of loyalty to his upbringing, to their neighbors, and to their religious beliefs. He often argues with Simon about his behavior, chastising him for working on the Sabbath, for dealing with the Romans, and especially, for considering selling out John and Big James’ family to them in exchange for lifting their debts. He knows a great deal of scripture, having memorized it all, and wants a sense of order while they travel around. He has certain behaviors he is known for, including thinking up fun questions to ask his fellow disciples as a way to get to know them (“what would you do for money?”). It’s also detail-seeking on his part. Andrew may disapprove of his brother’s actions a lot of the time, but he also goes along with a lot of them. He escalates emotionally when other people do, because he is reading and responding to their emotions. Most of the time, he wants to keep things peaceful between Simon and Matthew, but he also berates Matthew when Simon does for the oppression they suffered under the Romans. He has a pleasant enthusiasm about him, but wants to tell Simon all about the Messiah he saw out in the wilderness, being baptized, in the hope that it will make his brother as excited as he is. Andrew has decent inferior Ne in the sense that he is always searching for something more than he has at present, a deeper meaning in life, but he can’t comprehend that Jesus has a plan other than the one Andrew was taught (an avenger to save them from the Romans), and he also tends to fall into worst-case scenario thinking under stress.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Andrew confesses around the fire that he has always “followed every rule” and was a good boy who didn’t want to get into trouble. He has also been actively seeking a Messiah to follow for much of his life, unlike Simon—he went out into the wilderness to see “Crazy John,” he immediately thinks the best of Jesus and believes him to be “the one,” and drops everything happily to do whatever Jesus tells him to. Though a good-natured man most of the time, he can also be quarrelsome and defensive, and as season two unfolds, we see him start to become unhinged. John the Baptist gets arrested, and Andrew becomes consumed with the paralyzing fear that the same could happen to Jesus. He fears the Romans and the Pharisees might do their worst and imprison him, or worse, kill him. He becomes so anxious and over-wrought, the others find him intolerable, because his usual pleasant, teasing demeanor has become intense and paranoid. John’s 7 wing shows in how aggressive he can become when he feels threatened, in his overall good sense of humor and love of fun (he likes to tease people and provide “games” around the fire), but also in his willingness to take a risk and travel around with Jesus, even though it might be dangerous.

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