Ramah used to provide wine as a caterer, and attended to all the details of the families she brought supplies to. She was careful to take care of their needs within the head count they provided for her, and caught off guard when she didn’t have enough to go around. She then, quite practically, told the servants to ration out the best she could, and went in search of someone to inform, so they wouldn’t be caught off guard. It bothered her a lot, the idea that they would be humiliated by running out of wine before the end of the feast. Ramah is considerate of others and their feelings, easily attaches to Mary and becomes her friend, and worries about her when she goes missing. She cares about catching up to the rest of the disciples in her wish to study scripture, so that she can be more knowledgeable. Ramah easily shares her feelings and opens up to others as a way for them to get to know her. She also likes to learn and challenge herself to do things. Ramah doesn’t show a lot of Ne, except in how open she is to trying out something new and different, and how eager she is to learn how to live, love, and serve others in a better way. She feels confused when Jesus’ actions don’t seem consistent with what she has been taught to expect from the Messiah.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Ramah is far more mild-mannered and optimistic than Thomas, who worries a great deal. She trusts people easily, has a good feeling about Jesus, and does not mind walking away from her old life to follow Him. She seems deeply uncomfortable with conflict; she needs her father to approve of her decisions, and avoids controversial topics. When Andrew asks her a question around the fireside, she deflects it with the excuse that it doesn’t apply to her, since she’s a girl. Ramah doesn’t participate in any of the arguments between the disciples, and is warm and welcoming toward Matthew. She doesn’t hold being a former tax collector against him at all. Her 1 wing wants to do the right thing and be appropriate. She confesses that being around Jesus is making her think about doing the right thing more, and that she wants to live up to the standards He sets for them.

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