ENTPs are all about immediate, radical change based on their ideals, and that is John the Baptist in a nutshell. When he talks to Nicodemus, it’s full of metaphors about transformation. He says Jesus is here to “awaken the earth, but some will not want to awaken. They’re in love with the dark.” John is theoretical and believes he can change the world through words as a prophet (more modern ENTPs use the internet, blogs, journalism, etc., but all he can do is “cry in the wilderness” in search of those willing to listen to his non-traditional ideas). He wants to get people on board with his movement, to alter how things are and push them all forward—and in his excitement, he sometimes forgets that people need time to adapt to new ideas, they don’t happen overnight (the pitfall of every ENP crushed by reality or killed by those not ready to experience a rapid shift – a product of inferior Si unawareness of how long things take to change). His ideas are rational to him, but he shows more tert-Fe than direct Ti – he like to provoke people and challenge their outdated thinking, to rabble-rouse and stir them up, to get in their face and generate a reaction. He’s impatient for Jesus to join him in kicking up a fuss, and even says enthusiastically that “my followers will love it” about him confronting Herod. As a joke, John leaps out of the underbrush and scares the disciples half to death, just to get a reaction out of them and tease them. He has very little respect for outdated models of belief, but still carries a few Si-driven traditions forward with him (the importance of family, of defending their kind, and of their ancient roots and the fulfillment of the scriptures).

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sx

Enneagram 8s focus on power and confrontation, and have a reputation for not respecting the authorities – and this is exactly what gets John arrested! He says he intends to march right into King Herod’s court and accuse him of incest! He brazenly tells people exactly what he thinks, at all times, and also doesn’t understand Jesus “taking so long” to get his ministry started. He wants to see some action, for him to shake things up, and scoffs at Jesus’ suggestion that he isn’t being careful enough. John doesn’t see the point in beating around the bush or playing nice – he has all this energy and passion and anger, and knows just what to do with it – fueling it into fiery sermons that enrage his enemies. And that’s exactly why people like him so much – they are drawn to his huge energy, his fearless confrontations, and his bold, self-confident assertions about what is truly going on in Judea. He finds it great fun to shake people up, challenge their outdated thinking, and blaze a new path that he hopes will inspire Jesus to GET MOVING.

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