Nathaniel has been dreaming about the kinds of buildings he intended to build from childhood, and has a portfolio full of glorious ideas—many of which are untried and untested and that others warn him may not be practical; he ignores them and continues with the building process anyway. When he fails in a spectacular, humiliating fashion (he wasn’t as good as he thought, so there’s a collapse and people get hurt working on his designs), Nathaniel cannot see any other way for his life to go forward. This has been his entire focus! It takes meeting Jesus to re-shift his perspective and allow him to see an entirely different future for himself. Nathaniel could be rather argumentative when on the job; he felt certain of his designs, and just wanted people to go along with him without any objections, so he would forcefully stick to his plans and opinions, of which he made and had many. He lays out detailed blueprints for his designs and has a mathematical mind. Nathaniel wants a sense of order to their lives, and doesn’t like the random way Jesus wanders around healing people. He also falls into a Ni/Fi loop after the disaster on the work site, in which he becomes intensely emotional, full of anger and despair, and can’t find his way out of his depression until Philip convinces him to come and meet Jesus. Thus far he has shown no real Se, except in his rapid decision to leave it all behind and follow Jesus into the wilderness.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Nathaniel was a highly competent and ambitious young man, who was already an architect and had achieved great success, by the time he had his first massive failure. He confidently wanted others to accept his designs and see it his way, and talks about how he had all these great plans in mind that would bring glory to God—but then the foundation fell apart, and his life was ruined, his reputation shattered, and he fell into a deep 9 disintegration. He drinks, goes home, and lives as a slob, where Philip finds him doing nothing but laying on his bed and bemoaning the end of his career. His 4 wing adds a hint of melodrama to his disappointments; he feels abandoned, forgotten, and forsaken by God, who has not blessed his endeavors or protected him, and rather than assuming he can overcome this failure, he dramatically burns all of his deigns and assumes his life has come to an end, because he can no longer work and has no reputation anymore.

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