ENTJs are masters of going into a bad situation and cleaning it up with a system so sweet it “runs itself.” Which is exactly what Quintus tells a Secret Police member when he comes to town – that he has taken this backwater and made a proper city of it. High Te users know how to make use of resources that exist, and create more, in order to build a profit margin, and that’s what he has done – created order in the city. He used Matthew as part of the process, by recognizing his extreme talent with numbers and his lack of concern for what others think or feel about him, and seeing potential where others saw a weird guy – he put him in charge of taxes, then of following around Simon Peter. He sees what others do not, in that the Jews will never be ‘united’ in anything, despite their claims to all obey one God. His methods are often unorthodox, but are also practical – he hires a Jew to collect taxes, he makes a deal with Simon Peter to track down troublemakers, then marvels at the “biggest catch in our history” that paid off an enormous debt. He’s willing to let Jesus do his own thing, and “amuse the people for a while,” provided he does “nothing that would make me kill you.” As long as Jesus doesn’t create a riot against Rome, Quintus doesn’t care what he does in his spare time (another indication of Te/Fi – “what you do is none of my business, until it is”). He seems quite content to remain mostly in his comfortable surroundings, indulging himself in sensory pleasures and food, and is quite proud of his wealth, all indicators of lower Se. And in true inferior Fi fashion, he doesn’t mind Matthew being blunt directly to his face – it doesn’t hurt his feelings (why would it?) and in fact, amuses him tremendously!

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

In the first couple of seasons, Quintus comes across as a lot more playful and “amused” by people than in the later seasons, where we see how ruthless, domineering, and unforgiving he is—as he demands Gaius get rid of the people in the tent camp outside the city gates “by whatever means necessary.” A spy to Pilate tells him that Quintus is known for violence and “brutally suppressing an uprising.” He tells Jesus not to do anything “which would make me kill you.” And he furiously wants to maintain control in Judea, even if it means killing people in the process. He is the most dangerous man in the city and he knows it. People had better do what he wants… or else. In his discussion with Jesus, he ranges from colorful insults and backhanded compliments (if he didn’t think Jesus’ race was so heinous, he might offer him a job!) to outright 8-driven warnings not to cross him, give him a reason to arrest Jesus or his followers, etc. The might of Rome (and of Quintus) will not be denied. He is also not threatened by having the Secret Police present; he knows he’s the big dog in the room. He also shows a lot of 7 wing behaviors. Unless it involves his power, everything is a joke to him. Instead of being offended that Matthew tells things like it is (he thinks Quintus is foolish for having trusted Simon Peter, whom he knows to be a cad), Quintus thinks it’s the funniest thing he has ever heard (get a load of this guy! He’s a riot!). He’s forever mocking people, making light of situations, cracking jokes, or finding a way to poke humor at the situation.

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