Unhealthy ISTPs look after only their own best interests, using their logical reasoning to dismiss morality as a social construct, which seems to be behind Johns’ callous disregard for his companions. He works as a mercenary and bounty hunter who brings people in for a fee; when hired to capture Riddick, he gets him and takes him in for the bounty, but when people refuse to pay it, decides to transport him elsewhere instead. Riddick is worth more money alive than dead, so Johns tries to ensure he stays alive, even when it might be safer after they crash land on the planet to kill him (since he might try to kill them first). Johns has both a reputation for having a “perfect record” and has left a swath of destruction in his wake, since he isn’t always careful when pursuing his prey. But he’s also single-minded in a low Ni way, in how he has one agenda in his mind: to deliver Riddick somewhere for the bounty. It doesn’t matter which place, provided he gets paid. His actions are rational, if not always humane—he doesn’t share his stash of morphine with a dying man, because “he was dead anyway; his brain just didn’t know it yet.” And once they discover Jack is a girl, and on her period, which is drawing the creatures to them, he suggests they kill her and drag her body behind them in the caves to use as a distraction. It’s a rational solution, just not a compassionate one, and Riddick objects to it. Johns feels confident that he can handle adapting to this new environment, and is proactive in pushing people to take risks, go out into the planet, make their way through the caves, etc. He also thinks he can handle Riddick, and continues to pursue him whenever he breaks out of his constraints. He winds up in a fight with Riddick in the caves, in which he is slashed and left for dead (and eventually, torn apart by the creatures). His Fe is poor in that he only looks after himself, has no interest in the welfare of others, and yet can convince them to go along with him sometimes. He sometimes will reveal pieces of information to earn their trust.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Self-preservation 8s defend their turf, do whatever they must to ensure their own survival, and like to have power in all situations. Johns feels a sense of euphoria at having control and tries to wield it over the others in the group. He even tries to make a deal with Riddick, in which in exchange for his life, Riddick will “do what I say, when I say it.” When that fails, he attacks Riddick and winds up dead. He doesn’t like to be called a coward or implied that he’s afraid, and uses power to assert himself against the others. He doesn’t fear Riddick, unlike some of their companions, and exposes Carolyn to demean her in the eyes of their companions when he tells them that she tried to leave them all for dead and jettison their pods to save herself. He knows this will weaken her in their eyes and be to his advantage. He looks down on those who are weak and has no use for them—Jack is worthless and a liability, the commander was dying and a waste of good morphine. He didn’t get paid on one job because he destroyed the place. His 7 wing doesn’t like to feel pinned down or out of options, and dismisses whatever he doesn’t want to think about through re-framing (he was dying anyway, we’re all doomed, so I might as well think only about what I want). Under stress, he moves toward his 5 wing – he becomes paranoid and withdrawn, showing avarice and self-absorption in hording his resources.

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