ISFPs govern themselves according to their moral standards, and lash out against anything they deem immoral. Carolyn does this when she realizes Johns let her commanding officer die a painful death, when he had morphine on him all the time that he could have used to ease the man’s passing. She doesn’t agree or understand how you could let someone suffer who was “dying anyway.” That’s not an excuse in her mind. Nor does she feel good about the fact that she tried to jettison everyone else in their sleep pods to save herself, although she works hard once they wake up to ensure that all of them get off the planet safely. She advocates for everyone’s well being and protection, does not trust Riddick (but also makes an uneasy alliance with him, in the hope he will do the right thing and help them), and becomes protective of “Jack” when she discovers it’s a girl (and what’s more, she’s menstruating, so the creatures in the caves can smell her). Carolyn is both innovative and adaptive, a risk-taker in an effort to keep them all safe and see what their options are, but she also chastises herself for being “stupid” sometimes – such as when she almost gets caught by the creatures in the tube, and has to be rescued by the others. She thinks fast when they are starting to crash, and does what she can to land the ship intact, rapidly adjusting to a situation that is going downhill fast. She then climbs through the wreckage to free people and make sure they are okay, and is all for going through the caves, even though it’s dangerous, as a potential escape route. She is an excellent heroine in how adventurous she is, how easily she puts herself in danger, and how she doesn’t like to sit on her hands. Se users get into the thick of things, and Carolyn is a natural survivor in her adaptability skills. But she can also, in a crisis, see that not everything is a moral issue, and sometimes you have to trust unworthy people to survive. This is her inferior Te, facing the facts and learning to live with them.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

In a direct contrast to Riddick, who is calm, confident, and never questions himself, Carolyn is more self-doubting, more ashamed of looking out for her own best interests ahead of the group (6s want to do what’s best for everyone involved, and feel guilty if they don’t), and more fearful. She takes risks, but then calls herself stupid for doing so – she should not have gone into the caverns alone, forcing others to rescue her. She has a lot of distrust issues centered around Riddick, and for good reason – he’s a prisoner under transport, who has a record of killing people. A stranger who she has no previous experience with, who might betray and kill them all. But she has no choice but to trust him, so she builds an uneasy alliance, while never taking him for granted and keeping a sharp eye on any potential threats within the small group of people, as well as without. While fearful, Carolyn can also be feisty and challenge people if she feels what they are doing is morally wrong or reprehensible. But she doesn’t want to become a leader, and only does it when it becomes apparent she needs to step up. Her initial response under pressure is to protect herself and withdraw from others, showing the influence of her 5 wing, but her super-ego need to do “the right thing” always kicks in and makes her defend others.

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