ISTJs tend to rely on what is established and practical, while not allowing their personal feelings to get in the way of their decisions. This is what makes Vaako a good and reliable commander. Unlike his intuitive wife, who sees a power vacuum that he could step forward and fill and looks for opportunities to act, Vaako feels content to toe the line, do his job, and not challenge the governing authority. He has risen through the ranks by being logical, efficient, and seeing that things run smoothly, and does not tolerate dissent. He actually slaps his wife, when he feels she has gotten out of line and is pushing him too hard to embrace a future that seems out of his reach. Vaako does not want to be in charge, just to keep things going as they are. He doesn’t question the governing rules of law so much as abide by them. He also trusts the facts and what he sees with his own eyes – he assumes that because he killed Riddick and felt his life “drain out” that he is dead, without realizing that Riddick, being a “special case,” has survival abilities he cannot dream of, because he has never encountered them before. Si users are somewhat tied to their own experiences, and his inferior Ne doesn’t embrace the bigger picture easily and actively pushes against it when his wife forces it on him. He sees obedience and hard work as his duty, and takes it very seriously, but also remains unemotional most of the time—tackling problems through plans and direct action. The only times he becomes emotional is when he feels threatened.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Social 6w5s can be loyal almost to a fault of their leadership, because they trust others to make the decisions intended to keep them safe. This is a running point of contention between Vaako and his wife. She knows he is capable of leadership and is ambitious; constantly pushing him to take advantage of the Commander’s weakness and seize power, but Vaako is reluctant to break ranks. He insists that loyalty is among his higher duties, and does not question the leadership enough to satisfy her. It’s not until he sees that things are not efficient enough, and that he could get away with murder, that he actually acts against the Marshal. In the meantime, he rebukes her for being too scheming, for going against what is best for everyone, and for pushing him to put himself forward, because he feels uncomfortable with leadership. In the few instances he starts to aggressively plan for a power takeover, he immediately becomes anxious about it going wrong, or miscalculating a situation, betraying his uncertainty about taking such an enormous risk.

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