Kyra shows up in the first film as Jack, a girl who has disguised herself as a boy for her own protection so no one will bother her, but being a girl also brings its own unique set of challenges, including the creatures being able to smell her blood and track her through the caves. She doesn’t want to cause anyone any harm, but also looks out for herself when she’s captured in the second film and thrown into prison. There, she re-names herself Kyra, judging her former self as too weak to survive and adopting a new name that gives her a sense of pride and independence. Her emotions bubble to the surface when Riddick lands in the jail, since she feels like he abandoned her when she needed him, and rather than accept his need for survival and freedom, she is angry toward him. But she doesn’t come right out and tell him why, since her Fi can’t express itself easily – she just tells him off and makes sure that he knows she can now look after herself. Kyra uses a lot of Se—she quickly adapts to new situations, she uses her environment in a fight, she reacts quickly to threats, and becomes whatever she needs to become to rise to whatever challenge is in front of her. Where others have died in the prison, she has stayed alive through her own force of will and by learning to live in that environment. (One guard says to check her carefully, because “this one always has a knife stashed somewhere.”) She has one in her boot, in fact, and uses it to kick the guard who gropes her and make him bleed. Kyra has only one thing on her mind—survival—and does whatever she has to, to make sure she isn’t caught, raped, or murdered.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

9w8s are a curious blend of passivity and acceptance and direct aggression, because their core and wing are in conflict with each other. By the time Riddick catches up with Kyra in prison, she has become resigned to her fate and accepted that she will be here forever, but is also fiercely defending herself. Rather than welcome his return, she challenges him, insults him, and demands to know if anything he told her was a “lie,” while asking him if he’s going for her “sweet spot.” She has become used to defending herself by fighting off other prisoners and running away from the pit dogs, and wishes she had thought to kill someone with a teacup herself. Where she used to rely on him to protect her, she now protects herself, but it’s also easy to fall into his company again, and adopt the same agenda that he has, which is to escape, and to kill anyone who tries to stop them. Kyra also shows a passive acceptance of her fate of transformation – she tells Riddick when they meet up again after she’s been retrained that it hurt at first, but if you give into it, it becomes normal and you no longer see it as a problem. She has resigned herself to her fate, rather than keep her rage. She tells Riddick that she isn’t Jack anymore, because “Jack was weak, and deserved to die… I am Kyra now (a survivor)!”

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