Richard approaches archeology differently from his daughter in that he focuses on the bigger picture—time, how it connects, and how they shouldn’t meddle with it, for the greater needs of humanity. In the flashbacks, we can see how he groomed his daughter to search for the pieces of the box through telling her stories and shaping her young mind, always with the idea in his head that if anything happened to him, she could take over and continue his quest in finding and destroying the box. He is aware that could happen, plans for it, and leaves her clues to decipher that others won’t easily understand, such as the poem he conceals in a book in the library, after sending her a certified note on a particular date. When she meets him the “in-between,” he tells her that as much as he loves and supports her, she can’t bring him back to life or disrupt the flow of time, because everything is connected. It’s more important to protect and guard humanity than it is to fulfill your own desires—a very Fe standpoint of seeking the greater good for the largest amount of people, even if it comes at a personal emotional cost. He was clearly intelligent enough to work out the puzzle, plan all of the clues, and plant evidence to guide her in the right direction, and ambitious enough to risk his life on dangerous assignments and investigations—one of which got him killed.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Though he has extremely limited screen time, his motivations seem to be to do “right” – the right thing, and he wants his daughter to also put her personal needs and feelings aside to serve the greater good. It’s a form of idealism that adopts a strong stance and chooses to die for it, as he did when he refused to beg for his life or change his mind about helping the villain recover the pieces. But he also has a strong 2 wing in how he loves and supports his daughter, reassures her that he has never left her but lives with her in spirit, and tells her that he did everything possible in her childhood to guide and protect her. He focused on “inspiring” her and keeping her from harm.

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