The life of a domestic servant is a dull one from Lara’s standards; she likes to pursue adventures and put her life at risk, but Hillary just wants to stay home and ensure that everything in her castle is running smoothly. It gives him great pride to provide a stable environment for her in which she can hone her skills. He meets her every need, focuses on attending to her every whim, and also gives her advice from time to time, sometimes unsolicited but well-meaning. Like a lot of ISFJs, his life revolves around his loved ones and their needs, and he has a lot of opinions about “proper behavior” from a moralistic Fe standpoint. She “should” behave more according to her “class.” ISFJs understand and trust what lasts, what is proven, and what seems socially appropriate—such as the general behavior of a verified “lady.” Ladies wear dresses and don’t swear or shoot things, and Lara doesn’t do those things, so her status as a lady is doubtful. He’s overjoyed and shocked to see her in a dress later, but is also aware of her preferred behaviors and brings her guns to her, since she only wants to practice with the robot anyway.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Hillary is in a very 2 profession as a professional “helper” – though he serves as Lara’s butler, he also takes care of her as her domestic servant, bringing her whatever she needs, providing breakfast for her, even attempting to defend her house when it comes under attack. He likes to be there for her, encourage her when she needs it, and get a little respect in return for a job well done. He sees things that need attended to, assumes he ought to be doing them, and gets after it, including sweeping up the mess after her house gets blown apart in a home invasion to steal her father’s clock. But he also drops in little moralistic hints here and there, such as chastising her for not being a “lady” (she doesn’t wear dresses, and she walks around nude in front of him, which is “inappropriate”).

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