Alex is an ambitious man who is always searching for the next job, and is keen to get his hands involved once they find a tomb. He immediately leaps into action in the arctic cave once he assumes he is right about where to find the second half of the box. “Fifty bucks, it’s in the sun,” he says, and launches onto a mechanical mechanism that is turning the planets around the central sun dial. It knocks other people off into the water, but not Alex, as he scrambles all over it in search of anything to tell him what to do next. He keeps up with Lara in their many chases through the woods, and actively helps the locals tear down a statue to gain access to another temple. When he meets Lara at the auction house, he tries to convince her that his unscrupulous business deals are only sensible, and part of “business” (not personal) – since he can’t stand for her to think ill of him. His low Fe needs her approval and to have an “understanding” between them. He shows no real intuition or interest in the future, other than out of a desire to find the box, put its pieces together, and financially benefit from it.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Alex really doesn’t have enough screen time to determine his motivations, but he admits that he is mostly in things “for the money.” But he doesn’t want Lara to think less of him, so he makes repeated attempts to convince her that they are on the same side, that whatever unscrupulous things he has done in the past were “just business,” etc. He clearly cares about his reputation with her and wants to change how she sees him into a more positive light, while trying to escape any kind of negativity surrounding his previous actions, which is 3ish in terms of “image management.” (I want you to see me as ambitious, successful, and in a positive light, to feel drawn to me and impressed by my accomplishments.) He doesn’t have the elitism or the negativity of a 4 wing, since he isn’t stuck thinking about the past or in a state of frustration, which means he has a more warm, outgoing “let’s reconcile our differences” 2 wing.

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