Function Order: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

INFPs tend to be fiercely opinionated about who they are, and also… reject things prematurely sometimes, which is what Jessica is doing, constantly. She meets a guy, has one date with him, and focuses on judging all of his faults, leaping to conclusions about him, or shutting him down prematurely based on whatever randomly bothers her, such as “he doesn’t use words in their context.” She has so many pet peeves that she allows to weed people out of her life, rather than letting down her guard and trying things first. Helen says the only way to learn who you are is to “try things” – a SeFi stance, and Jessica argues that you know who you are first, and that should stop you from doing anything you don’t want to do. She is caught off guard by having feelings for another girl, after being spontaneously kissed, because she didn’t think that was “her.” Her ex-boyfriend accuses her of judging people almost constantly, and it’s true: she is always, in the eyes of other characters, prematurely saying “no” to everything. It takes her a lot of effort to start saying “yes” to experimentation and to embrace her Ne, which also shows in how she is forever planning ahead, leaping ahead mentally in her relationships, and prefers conversation to active “doing.” She thinks she and Helen are good as a couple because they “talk a lot,” which to her implies intimacy; Helen, however, wants someone “who wants to rip my clothes off.” Jessica is somewhat lofty in her thoughts and beliefs, an avid bookworm with an apartment crammed full of novels, poetry, etc., and “hates computers. I refuse to answer e-mail, I just receive it.” That’s a bit of low Si, combined with Fi – change is bad, so I reject it. She looks up tons of details to figure out what to “do” as a lesbian, rather than assuming they can just figure it out as they go (come prepared!). She can be very judgmental about people who use words the wrong way, and opinionated about them—while also failing to recognize her own hypocrisy; she is almost an hour late to anything, showing how disorganized she is and unaware of how to manage her time properly.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Jessica is somewhat neurotic and over-thinks everything; she can’t even be with Helen, without thinking about all the things they would need to ‘take care of’ as a lesbian couple and looking up stuff on the internet about it, so she feels ‘prepared’ to talk about it (as opposed to just, you know, doing anything about it). She constantly looks for affirmation from others, is petrified of what they might think about her relationship (so she keeps it secret from everyone for months), and isn’t sure what she wants in a relationship. But she’s also willing to go out with lots of people and try new things and expand her horizons, after people point out to her that she’s stuck in a rut and unable to move forward in any meaningful way.

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